Doctors of the Church

So I heard that only confessors can be declared Doctors of the Church. My question is, which of the martyrs can be considered ‘doctors’ of the Church?

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What you heard is incorrect. The link below will give you information and a current list of the Doctors of the

No martyr has ever been included in the list, since the Office and the Mass are for Confessors.

We must note that some Catholic churches (little “c”) recognize some martyrs as Doctors of the Church (e.g., the Chaldean Catholic Church recognizes the bishop-martyr Polycarp of Smyrna).

The title Doctor of the Church just means:

[The] title indicates that the writings and preachings of such a person are useful to Christians “in any age of the Church.” Such men and women are also particularly known for the depth of understanding and the orthodoxy of their theological teachings.

Here is a list of Latin Church Doctors, including the date on which they were designated a Doctor (and by whom):

The Church has granted this title to those who are Confessors (defenders), that is true, but you leave out an important part (tenet):

Certain **ecclesiastical writers **have received this title on account of the great advantage the whole Church has derived from their doctrine. (

Martyrdom is neither a qualifier nor a disqualifier… still, martyrdom is not enough, in most cases, since there’s no doctrinal teaching–beyond the actual torture and death of the Christian.

Maran atha!


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