Doctors Sue to Block New California Law Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide Which Went Into Effect June 9


A group of doctors are going to court to try to knock down a new California law that allows terminally ill adults with less than six months to live to get a doctor’s prescription for a lethal dose of “aid-in-dying” drugs.

The plaintiffs suing are five physicians from southern California and the American Academy of Medical Ethics, a Christian medical group with a national membership in the thousands.

A Riverside Superior Court judge on Thursday rejected their emergency request for a temporary restraining order against the law and scheduled a hearing for June 29 to consider a preliminary injunction.

The End of Life Option Act took effect Thursday, making California the fourth and largest state to legalize physician-assisted suicide through legislation.

The five states with assisted suicide are Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont and now California.


It is frightening to me when doctors can play God with prescriptions that will kill you.

Have Mercy on us and on the whole world.



Is there no morality left in this world? I think many people who are not Catholics do not approve of this.


I am glad that someone is standing up and trying to stop the law. May God bless them in their crusade.


May God be with them.



Nice try, but they should have done this in March, BEFORE this horrible law went into effect. :frowning:


Well, just about any prescription drug can kill you if you take too much of it. The drugs that are primarily used in assisted suicide are also used for sedatives. I don’t know if doctors are playing God. Even morphine, which is used regularly for those suffering great pain, can be given in doses which will allow a person to die. It happens with great frequency. Our medical knowledge gives people great control over when a person dies.


Apparently, this law was passed in a special legislative session, in which public comment was vastly restricted. Why was it passed this way? Because when the legislature brought it up several times before in general legislative session, these doctors groups were successfully able to block passage of the law. Also, originally, it was attempted to have this law passed by ballot box proposition, which the people of California voted down.

And now, these doctors are suing to block the law because it requires them to participate in “helping” a patient commit suicide. But due to how courts are, suits on lawsuits cannot be litigated until such laws go into effect.


How are doctors playing God? There is nothing in the law that allows them to force a patient to commit suicide. Nor are there there any provisions that require a doctor to participate in an assisted suicide.


One good thing to keep in mind, all this immorality reaching levels never seen before, God will not allow this to continue for much longer, he really cannot.

I feel so sorry for these people and companies that are involved in this kind of thing, when that day comes and God sends his warning, they are going to regret having any part in this.

After reading articles like this, I fear more and more, my own country will be the one God destroys in 3 days time.


At least we can be glad that there are some people who have stuck to the universal principle of protecting life.

Father God, help those folks in this matter, and glorify Yourself! :knight2:


How are you supposed to sue the state over a law that does not yet exist?


They are playing God by giving medications to a person that will end their life instead of dying a natural death.

To me, it’s death by suicide with the nod of a physician.



Doctors give medications all the time. Very few people die ‘natural’ deaths these days. It used to be the case that people would die of heart attacks or in their sleep. Those are the only natural deaths. Every other death is manipulated by medicine and the physicians who control medication.


Not true. There is a huge difference between someone requesting to end interventions to prolong life artificially and a doctor giving drugs to someone to make them pass away. Living wills are an example of expressing to your family your desires. When someone, with no hope of recovery, chooses to shut off a ventilator that is breathing for them and die of natural causes, they are dying on God’s time. Some begin breathing on their own and continue on for weeks, or even months, before they are called home.

For the vast majority of doctors, assisted suicide falls into the same category as abortion. Good doctors with good reputations wouldn’t go there. Ever.

My husband is a family physician (and a practicing Catholic) and these laws horrify him. “First, do no harm…”.


Well said.



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