Doctors wake coma patient by JUMP-STARTING his brain using ultrasound


Doctors have woken a coma patient for the first time ever by jump-starting his brain using a pioneering ultrasound technique.

A saucer-sized device was put against the side of the 25-year-old patient’s head over a 10 minute period.

Each of the 10 half-minute, low-intensity pulses created acoustic energy to stimulate brain tissue.

The patient’s responses improved measurably within 24 hours. In three days he was fully conscious and had complete language comprehension.

He could nod his head “yes” or shake his head “no.” He even made a fist-bump gesture to say goodbye to one of his doctors.


Awesome article! I hope there’s a wave of these awakenings across the world. :slight_smile:

The implications of this are mysterious and undoubtedly far-reaching.


All of our senses use vibration, of different forms, to transfer information to the mind, and the brain itself has a frequency.

It makes sense that sonic vibrations could affect the state of mentation.



How awesome!



From the UCLA Newsroom:

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