Doctors who refuse euthanasia 'wicked', expert claims

Doctors who refuse euthanasia ‘wicked’, expert claims

DOCTORS who refuse to help terminally ill patients to kill themselves when they request to die are “genuinely wicked”, a leading ethics expert has told a public debate in Belfast.

  								Speaking in favour of euthanasia, Baroness Mary Warnock also said that doctors and nurses should encourage terminally ill patients to decide, while still relatively healthy, whether to be helped commit suicide when they reach a seriously ill state.

Baroness Warnock, who last year caused worldwide controversy when she said that some dementia patients had a “duty” to seek death, said last night: “I think that people should be able to beseech their doctors, nurses to end their life when it is no longer worth living (in the patient’s eyes].”

Speaking of terminally ill patients who, while in good health, have made a written request to be killed when they reach a certain point in their illness, she said: "There are doctors, we know, who don’t pay any attention (to those wishes to die].

"But that seems to me a genuinely wicked thing to do – to disregard what somebody had quite explicitly said, that he wants to die – not to be resuscitated in certain circumstances and in certain circumstances to be helped to commit suicide.

So doctors who refuse to kill are wicked? Does that mean they are virtuous if they don’t even wait for the patient’s request to be put out of his misery?

I work in Medicine of the Elderly and once said to a consultant physician that our first priority was to do no harm. He responded by saying that our first priority should be to respect the autonomy of the patient. That in a nutshell is the difference between the culture of life and the culture of death. Life is either seen as a value in itself to be cherished or a consumer good where the customer can decide to dispose of it for themselves or others when it becomes inconvenient from their point of view. Respecting the autonomy of the patient is less about respect for the individual than it is about saying the customer is always right.

Isaiah 5:Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.:mad:

I do have a problem with doctors who refuse to give terminally ill patients pain relief out of fear it will shorten their lives, but intentionally killing them is completely different,

So sad…I imagine this doctor must have a lot of pain, sadness, and bitterness in her. :frowning:

One of the Vatican’s bioethicists, Father Gonzalo Miranda, explains the “culture of death” like this: “It is not saying that our society is thirsty for blood and death; this is not so. Rather, it is a culture in which death is seen as a solution to problems that we do not know how to handle in another way – problems that we do not know how to handle because we have lost generosity, the ability to support the one who suffers.”

I think this says so much…and those of us who are pro-life and anti-euthanasia need to hear it. We are not up against people who just plain don’t like life; almost the contrary, we are up against people who don’t like suffering. And so what’s scary is that the culture of death stems from an impulse – the impulse to protect and heal – that is entirely human…it just goes much too far with that impulse, into the direction of fear and despair. Hopefully we can understand these people’s point of view so as best to know how to address it, and try to get them to see that the value of human life goes much deeper than they realize…


Baroness Warnock would do us all a favour by being the first to follow her advice to others - lead by example.

The Baroness is doing nothing less than calling evil good and good evil.

That is the Orwellian mindset to the left for you.

I am sure she has been so advised.Want to bet on her thinking that it only applies to the "little"people and not her?

first off i am thankful that this is just an opinion somewhere else for now, but i do fear it is coming.

already stating in an interview that you would never prescribe birth control or advise to abort will get you blacklisted from med schools. how long until this idea joins that? then what, cloning eugenics ethinic cleansing? it sounds extreme but when faced with opinions like this nothing seems impossible.

i thank God everynight that He led me to a career path that wont ever make me chose between my faith and supporting my family.

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