Doctors Without Borders pleads for access to treat the wounded in Aleppo, even as gov't forces continue offensive


Doctors Without Borders pleads for access to treat the wounded in Aleppo, even as gov’t forces continue offensive.


Doctors without Borders is a very courageous organization. I know they have suffered significant losses among their personnel in the Middle East. They never give up.


Buried in the news article is a reference to the UN’s inability to do anything.

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon meanwhile urged the Security Council to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court for investigation of possible war crimes. He told reporters Monday that he was “deeply disappointed” at the lack of unity on Syria in the council, saying it must stop debating and disagreeing and “work to protect human lives, to bring this matter to a political solution.”

Earlier, in an interview with the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Ban blamed Assad for the bloodshed, saying more than 300,000 people have been killed since the start of the war because of his “failure of leadership.” He also referenced previous conflicts in which the international community failed to halt mass killings.

“We should have prevented Srebrenica. We should have prevented the Rwandan genocide. In Aleppo, we’re doing our utmost,” he said. “The future of one person, like President Assad, should not block this process.”

Russia sits on the UN Security Council and would veto any move to sanction Assad or the government of Syria.


It had been proposed for the United States to create safe zones. But President Obama refused.

Into that vacuum, Russia moved vigorously and forcefully … with bombing.

The United States still could create safe zones. More difficult now, but do-able.

Doctors Without Borders can provide the medical support.

Doctors Without Borders was very active in war torn Afghanistan after the Russians invaded. [You do know that Russia invaded Afghanistan and created literally millions of refugees. And mined the paths with explosive devices built to look like toys. You do know that.]


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