Documentary about Eden on the History channel.

Two days back I was watching a documentary about Eden on the History channel, and they mentioned that the Jews have another story about Eden in one of their Hebrew scripture books (some sort of Adam with a second evil Eve), so can our fellow Jews shed some light on that, is it true?

There’s a midrash that says Adam’s first wife was Lilith. They didn’t get along, perhaps because she wanted to be on top and not subserviant. She leaves Adam and becomes a demon,. From then on she had it in for baby boys.

Yes, that was her name :thumbsup:, however, since that story is known to you, could you please provide me with online link to it (if there is one).

Thanking you in advance. (Scroll down to the section entitled “Lilith”

i also found this one for you sam

Thank you Valke and dolphinlove, its interesting indeed, I wonder how such legend makes it part of a documentary!, if I haven’t read the Bible, I would have said that the Bible is full of fairy tale stories, I think the History channel should reconsider their sources, and provide only authentic ones before broadcasting it to millions of people around the world.

I wonder if that’s where the TV show “Supernatural” got their new badguy (girl) from ??

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