Documentary about Hell

Is there any Documentary movie about the reality of hell? I’m not talking about those horror movies.

Apart from horror movies, the first thing that comes to mind are the testimonies of persons who have gone “near death” and while in that condition, claim to have seem Hell. Since the 1970s, there have been a snowstorm of such occurrences. Many of them are accessible by websearch as video.

I don’t know whether that is the sort of thing you mean.


Over the years I’ve seen a few shorts on hell… mostly on the non-catholic church channels. I would recommend that you try a YOUTUBE search.

One of the brothers in my friary is making a documentary on Purgatory, but will also have a part on Hell…

You have to be careful. i`ve come across reference to the Rapture [FALSE], and: “All you have to do is** BELIEVE**.”[FALSE] . Made me wonder about the sources of these experiences.

Don’t use the precious time you have on this earth worrying about hell. Hell and purgatory are simply ficticious concepts used by the churches to control you more easily. Don’t get me wrong, there is a whole lot of good in religion! But I’m sure what the Bible means is that if we do not try to follow some of these guidelines our life HERE on Earth, right now… will become a living hell.

If we use all of our time worrying about ourselves, and what will happen to us after this life, we forget to make life better for ourselves and others now, in THIS life. That is what we should worry about.

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