Documentary: Forks Over Knives

There are also compelling health reasons, in addition to compelling ethical reasons based on animal suffering, to stop consuming animal products.

**Sheesh, did I accidently tune onto the vegan
channel ONCE AGAIN ?

Warf, I’ve got a headache too…**


I had spaghetti with two giant meatballs on top last night. Delicious. I nearly ordered the Sausage Deluxe sandwich but settled on the spaghetti w/ meat balls since I’m having bratwurst tonight.


Animals shouldn’t suffer though. They should be treated well before we kill and eat them. Makes for better/healthier meat.

LOL…forks over knives is some serious propaganda

*Forks over knives,

Spoons cover forks,

Knives pierce spoons.*

Okay, I think I got it. The game is more un-traditional than rock, paper, scissors, but a bit of novelty isn’t a bad thing. :slight_smile:



Vegan is Indian for Can’t Hunt.

Seriously: We are called to be good stewards. Meat is an acceptable food. No one is required to eat meat.

I think a 7 oz filet mignon is much better than a 24 oz Porterhouse. Especially if the wine is well chosen.

wrapped in BACON!!!

Of course it’s wrapped in bacon, filet mignon is so lean that there isn’t enough fat to properly cook it so fat must be added.

Well, then, that definitely changes the wine selection ! :thumbsup:

Which wines go well with bacon?

hmm… did I tune into the sommelier/cookery channel?:slight_smile:

It’s an improvement on the vegan channel!

Actually I’ve just figured out that our OP is a secret agent for pigs. They are paying him in pork rinds to turn nice folks like us away from meat.

Those dastardly pigs and their evil machinations!

He may be a mild mannered, animal-loving Brooklyn resident but when danger presesnts itself he becomes SPIDER-PIG

Here is the actual movie, available on Hulu:

Panel Discussion:

I doubt it was accidental! :smiley:

Actual movie:

Panel discussion:

I hope you would get something out of watching them, other than new jokes to throw at me (which I find very entertaining).

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