Documentary "Lost Road of The Popes"

I noticed this movie has been showing at select parishes in Washington state. Has anyone heard anything about this movie and what it is about? My husband’s cousin saw it and said it presented a very negitive view:confused about the Catholic Chruch. :confused:

Film synopsis:
Starting with Rome in ruin and the Catholic Church under siege, “Lost Road of The Popes: Via Papale” explores the lives of six powerful Popes - and recounts how they took on the task of first rebuilding, then glorifying the new Rome. “Lost Road of the Popes” unfolds the miracle of this remarkable renaissance. It describes how Rome and its Papal rulers not only survived, but were inspired by a holy road to create the magnificent monuments, churches, art and architecture that helped to exalt and save the Catholic Church. And why that once powerful road has been…forgotten.

Review from Catholic PRWire:

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