Documentary: The Kinsey Syndrome

Has anybody here seen the Youtube documentary The Kinsey Syndrome? It's about the incredible influence the Kinsey Institute's research has had on American cultural attitudes about sex and pornography.

What did you think of the documentary? Did you learn anything new from it?

I already knew about the questionable and non-scientific data from articles and other documentaries. I would say this documentary shocked me as to depth the institute has gone to further it's way of thinking. It also did a good job of presenting data about the actual number of children that are abducted and abused each year. This is some very shocking information.

Edit: I thought I'd mention that there are two other documentaries that are of interest to those wishing to cross reference the information presented in the documentary (both of which I've also watched).

  1. American Experience: Kinsey which aired on PBS
  2. Kinsey's Pedophiles made by York Television and aired on the BBC.
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