Documentary: "The radical states of America"

The German public broadcasting service has produced a documentary on the situation in the United States. It is interesting seeing the US from the perspective of those on the outside.

Lol, imagine caring how foreigners feel about us.


Germans in particular


We should, as we have to borrow money from them to build up our military. Just sayin.

For the sake of America and the world, I pray that come Saturday Trump will be googling removalists. :pray:

For there protection, have they properly funded their NATO cost

You make it sound like we’re a mafia shaking down local businesses for their protection.

And no, I don’t think that’s what NATO is.

I am always immensely glad Ireland never joined NATO, thus all that ludicrous talk about ‘no free riders’ etc. couldn’t be chucked at us. Yes, my country of origin should spend more money on our defence but it remains our decision ultimately thankfully.

Yeah I think NATO has outlived it’s usefulness. Time for everyone to go back to being responsible for their own defense. Create a joint naval force to ensure the safety of sea travel for shipping, let the UN handle rogue states/terror cells/etc.

A poor documentary.
All the violence they showed was caused by BLM protests.
They didn’t support their claim that Militias like American Wolf are out delivering vigilante justice. They just showed them on the shooting range and spouting nonsense. No violence when they followed American Wolf engaging protesters.

The facts are clear, we have over 10 million (10,000,000) arrests annually in the USA and there just a handful of police shootings of unarmed citizens. The police aren’t broadly abusing their strength.

I noticed they didn’t portray the harm caused by the protesters.

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