Documents: Newtown Victims' Parents Intend to Sue


The parents of at least 10 of the children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elemnetary School shooting have filed court documents indicating they intend to file wrongful death lawsuits, although it’s unclear who they will sue.

Parents of half the 20 first-graders shot to death at Sandy Hook Elementary School have filed papers in probate court seeking to create estates for their children, a move that would allow the parents to file such lawsuits. Most of those parents checked a box on the forms saying they intend to file wrongful death actions, according to a probate court clerk.

The documents, however, don’t say who would be targets of such actions.

Eight of the estate filings were made this month, another was filed in late 2012 and the 10th was filed last year, according to probate court records. The Hartford Courant first reported the filings late Monday.


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