I always hear that the Vatican has lots of records and books. Are these items online anywhere? It would be nice to prove the churches teachings. Not just because it says so in the Bible, but why the church came to the conclusion of the teaching according to a particular document. Are the original gospels there as well? What other original documents do they have? I’d love to see them.

You can spend a lifetime exploring this site. I suggest literacy in Italian and a PhD in ancient languages. Very little is in English.


You’ll probably want the English version.

Thank you! Yes I was hoping for Documents translated into English.

Not specific to the Church, but I have spent some time exploring the University of Michigan’s digital library at

The collections are fascinating and I could spend hours just browsing everything they have.


You can read all Papal Encyclicals on this site going back 800 years.

The English Language version is

Thank you! :thumbsup:

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