Does a Catholic Couple Need to Reverse a Tubiligation?

Before we were married civally my wife had a tubiligation. No one explained to us back then about this but we are now wondering as we learn more if this operation should be reversed to be in good standing and doing the right things as a good Catholic? Due to my wifes anulment process we were not able to get married in the Catholic Church for almost nine years after being married civally. We are actually learing all kinds of things abour married life we should have learned long ago and just did not.

Due to this tubiligation we are not really open to conception so should we also be stopping with sexual relations? All kind of questions arise out of this so it would be good for us and probably others to know.

Ron & Tamra

The following links should help you understand what the Church teaches about reversing contraceptive procedures. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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