Does a Catholic have to reverse a vasectomy?

who had a vasectomy 10+ years ago?
still had conjugal relations with his wife?

Would he (or they) be in mortal sin even though he confessed this at confession and was absolved by the Priest hearing his confession?
Would he (or they) be committing mortal sin every time they had sexual relations?

Would he (or they) have to abstain from sexual relations in order to not enact the ultimate act of contraception?

The reasons for having a vasectomy seemed legitimate and reasonable at the time but it has always been a pain of conscience. I seek to be at one with the Church and desire always to be in a state of grace. I seek peace of conscience and want to do what is necessary to do right in this matter. We are 70 and 65 respectively, so no desire to have any more children.

What’s done in the past is the past. What’s important is the heart. If the individual is truly repentant for what they did they are forgiven in the sacrament of confession. There is no need to continuously confess the sin, once it is forgiven it is forgiven. There is no need to restrain from conjugal relations. The Church also does not require an individual to undergo surgery to attempt to reverse the action.

What’s done is done, what matters now is placing your heart in the right place. Accept God’s mercy and love, and be at peace.

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