Does a conditional baptism wipe out all sin prior to that?


I know I received a valid baptism as an infant.I received a conditional baptism because I could not produce proof of the infant baptism.

Do I need to confess mortal sins committed prior to the conditional baptism?


If you were not previously baptized, then your conditional baptism was, in fact, your baptism and wiped away all sins. However, if you were previously baptized, then your conditional baptism simply got you wet.

Since there is a possibility that the conditional baptism wasn’t needed and your previous baptism was valid, you need to go to confession.


In our RCIA we routinely have to do conditional baptisms and because they are conditional, Father will say basically the exact same words as above… in his mind, better safe than sorry!


My two priests(one of whom has expertise in canon law) have both said that it does negate all prior sin. I am in the most conservative parish in our city( both liturgically and doctrinally).

I agree with the concept of better safe than sorry. But if my priests are wrong I should discuss this with them. I would need authoritative sources.

Is this issue, of whether conditional baptisms are efficacious, addressed in canon law or some other document from the magisterium?


Really you need look no further than the Nicean Creed:

I confess one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins

A conditional baptism does not redo the effects of a valid baptism. This has been the constant teaching since atleast the council of Trent (and likely longer). A conditional baptism is only effacious if a previous baptism was invalid. I cannot find anything that specifically spells that out, but it would follow that only one baptism also means only one remision of sin.

So if you know that you were validly baptized and the only reason for a conditional baptism was a lack of documentation, the remision of sin happened when you were validly baptized. All other sins since would need to be confessed and absolved.


Convincing point. Thank you.


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