Does a fertilized egg have two souls if it will divide into twins?

Since identical twins come from the same egg, how many souls are in it before it divides? Is there one soul at first and, when it divides, another soul is created? Or are the multiple souls put in the egg at conception because God knows they will become twins (or triplets, or quadruplets, etc.)? I’m so confused…

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I think there is one soul that splits into two souls, since the soul is inexorably linked to the body. Thus one egg equals one soul, and two eggs equals two souls =) Maybe God creates the second soul at the instant of the egg splitting. But who knows how it works? Enough to know that both lives are precious.

Technically, one egg doesn’t equal a soul until it meets a sperm. At that time for about a faction of an instant it is one cell, however then it starts to divide right away. Identical twins, I believe (could be wrong) are formed within the first or first couple cell divisions when the cells divide and seperate rather than divide and stay together. This is what forms two individuals. In that fraction of a second I think God sorts out the souls as he sees fit.

Since an unfertilized egg is not a person, and a fertilized egg is, how the sould comes into being is a bit of a mystery.

Good question though, I’m adding it to my list to ask if and when I get to heaven.

Giggle is mostly right. The soul doesn’t split in two but another soul begins animating the twin.

We don’t really know. There is a detailed analysis of the different possibilities in the Ask An Apologist forum from a few years ago. Try searching there.

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