Does a Gospel of Jesus exist?

I think this is the right spot to post this. Does a Gospel of Jesus or any other sort of writing exist that claims to be from the hand of Jesus exist? Some of the church fathers refer to other heretical gospels written by gnostics but they usually claim to be written by an apostle such as the Gospel of Peter for example. Has anyone ever tried to pass off a gospel or letter as coming from the hand of Jesus?

As far as I know the only known writing of Jesus is described in the Gospel of John.


Interesting, didn’t think of it, I was thinking of the words alone collected and printed now which Jesus spoke.

Wonder what He wrote on the ground.

Perfect response! :thumbsup:

Jesus was too busy being Jesus! (don’t mean to be funny, but he was too busy living his life of love to sit down and write something).

I think it can be taken even deeper, but I’m in that sort of mood today. :slight_smile:

Jesus is the Word of God. I don’t know how He would put Himself to paper. When He writes on the ground, I see it as a profound act, since it is the finger of God doing the writing. He is living, breathing, walking Scripture AND the fulfillment of the prophets and the law.

Also thinking on God writing on our hearts.

He Is the Word of God!

If John said that ALL the books of the earth could not hold the things He had done. What amount of books would be needed to contain His Good News!

His Gospel was the Heart of God, and He will put it in our hearts. I am humbled and thankful that the Father is drawing us to His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And pray that one day His Gospel is engraved in our hearts.

In Him.

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That has to be the most awesomest Jinx in my life! :getholy:

My 7 year old just told me that Jesus was writing a force field around them :smiley:

Gotta love the innocence of a child.

Yes, thanks for making my day. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of last Eqster season, when a boy in CCD and his little friend chose Luke as their patron saints. The CCD teacher asked them which St. Luke they had chosen, and they said Skywalker. :stuck_out_tongue:

If man was created from the dust. I imagine whatever it was He wrote in the dirt that day still reverberates through history. You may be on to something, well spoken.

LOL thats great :thumbsup:

Created from dust and the context of the moment is addressing a sinful woman and her judges. Asking who is free from sin? Put in the context of Who He IS, what God has written is profoundly important to all of humanity.

Ah, your creating a masterpiece. The contemplation of I AM at that moment consisted of all past and future infinite, yet in the immediate He saw everything including the Second Coming and past.

Just inspiring. :thumbsup:

You’re batting 1000 today, Rebecca! Excellent insight. The Holy Spirit certainly seems to be putting His Word in your mouth about this topic, that’s for sure! :thumbsup:

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I just stumbled on to this thread. What a wonderful moment to bring to mind and I love how you are all think about that moments profundity. For Jesus in that moment to be the prophesy and merge past, present and future in such an apparently effortless act (the act of writing in the sand) is just beyond amazing.:slight_smile:

Oh noes, thank you :slight_smile:


And thanks for sharing those beautiful thoughts RebeccaJ! :highprayer:

:blush: thanks.

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