Does a layperson have authority to hold a crucifix on someone's legs and do a simple healing prayer?

By healing prayers I don’t mean talking or commanding spirits but this aspiration:
“My Jesus, pardon and mercy through the merits of Thy Holy Wounds!”

Do we have authority to touch someone’s leg especially with a crucifix as well during a healing prayer?

I’ve heard of people laying relics on a sick person…


If you are baptised why should it be a problem. We don’t need authority from Rome to pray for the relief of suffering for another person, why would we need authority to pray and touch someone with a crucifix in the same way.

The only problem I can see with running around trying to heal the sick by praying over them and touching them is what happens if they don’t heal, don’t get better. If people realise that it’s not a foregone conclusion that God will grant healing then fine, but if that is not clearly stated before such an attempted healing then some people may actually lose a little faith in God if they are not healed. That would be my concern about this.

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Just making sure I don’t make things worse. My priest told me we shouldn’t touch someone’s head to pray for them and that only a father or priest should do that.

But yea I assumed the legs should be alright.

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If you forwarn them that God may not grant healing it would be wise imo.

I’d be interested to know why a priest told you not to touch someone’s head, perhaps you could ask them?

Are you sure he might not have meant during mass?

During communion, quite often the priest will bless those who don’t receive, such as children or those who can’t consume gluten. From my understanding this is an actual blessing and the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should not be performing a blessing during Communion.

I remember someone questioned and apologist about the Extraordinary Ministers giving a blessing and to clarify his point he jokingly said well someone can go up to them if they want but keep in mind they’re shooting blanks. :grinning:

I agree with @Lee1 on this. We have the “authority” (and are commanded in James 5) to pray for and over anyone. If touching the person, on the head or legs, helps you both get deeper in pray then go for it. As long as you both realize that all healing comes from God and on your own you are just “shooting blanks” I think it is admirable to pray for and over someone who is suffering.

Keep up the good work,

God Bless

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Well I was discussing with him about deliverance prayer groups so I think he meant in general.

Maybe I asked because I was afraid. I feel power when I think about doing this.

I’ll try to mention it

Just my own thoughts on this but I would avoid touching someone’s leg. Depends on context of course but it could be misinterpreted in so many ways.

Well I think maybe we should ask someone who has a bit more knowledge than the rest of us here.

@edward_george1 could you help us out with proper form for a lay person to pray over (or is it just with) someone for healing? Wouldn’t want to be handing out bad advice here.


God Bless

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