Does a muscle shirt constitute as immodest? Please Help!

So I did the ice bucket challenge for the JP2 Medical Research Institute. I decided to wear a cut-off or muscle shirt. Nothing too exotic; it was actually my CYO track uniform and it doesn’t have sleeves. I feel like I am being scrupulous, but was it immodest for me to wear that uniform and then post the video on social media knowing people (especially girls) would see it? I guess my arms are decent sized, so while one of my intentions was to wear the track uniform for the challenge (because I didn’t want to get a full T-shirt wet and I wasn’t going shirtless!), one of my other intentions was to kind of show off :smiley: I am not feeling too good about this and just want your opinion. I personally would never wear a muscle shirt or cut off outside of my house because I believe they aren’t the most modest. However, in this case, was it immodest? And if I wanted people to say “Oh he’s jacked,” would that constitute as a sin?

Suns out, Guns out. I always say…

If you think that it is immodest, why post the picture on social media?

If wanting people to notice that you’re “jacked” was more or less a fleeting thought and the motivating factor in doing the challenge was to help raise awareness of ALS and to direct donations to the JP2 Medical Research Institute then I say you are in the clear and I thank you for doing it.

OTOH, if your main goal was to get attention on social media and this awareness campaign was an afterthought, then it would have been prideful. Not sure if it’s sinful exactly, but certainly not virtuous.

I have the same issue. My wife admires my obvious bronzed Anzac athletic look, but is not concerned, often fitting me out in very tailored shirts. I worry that I might be a distraction to women drivers etc, but have to live with it. I don’t think that a man’s chest, as we are allowed to modestly go bare chested on the beach, is really a modesty issue.

I see from your profile that you are a 17 year old male, so I would say it is not immodest to wear a muscle shirt for the ice bucket challenge, or, for that matter, the beach or athletics. Be at peace.

Just wait 'til they see, Marge, just wait….:slight_smile:

I doubt it,I think you might be over reacting a bit,
You are enjoying life,you are enjoying who you are,
I think that’s what God would want of you,
Enjoy life,it’s a gift,given to you,

If, while wearing one of my husband’s muscle shirts, someone were to pour a bucket of ice water over me, the result would most definitely be immodest.

My general response to muscle shirts is don’t be that guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are in good shape, semi-fitted (“regular” in the pic below) looks the best, and if you aren’t, go with a loose-fit shirt.

Here’s my thought process based on numerous scenarios of “Is it okay to wear a muscle shirt when …”:

Walking near the beach when it’s warm? Yes.
Chillin’ around the house? Yes.
Participating in athletic activities? Yes.
Attending a funeral or wedding? No.
Going grocery shopping? Unfashionable, but in the end No.

Just because it shows off ones (lack) of muscles doesn’t make it intrinsically immodest. If you’re purposely showing off arm muscles you might have a case; but even then I might scoff such an accusation.

It’s a shirt without sleeves - don’t make it out like it’s a see through dress or some vulgar t-shirt. If the shirt is white and water meets it, then yes, it’ll be see through, but you’re a guy, not a girl, so I don’t see the concern.


It’s not immodest, but is an affront to good fashion sense. :stuck_out_tongue: My wife would never let me let me own one, let alone let me out of the house wearing one.

That being said, I don’t think there’s anything immodest about dressing that way. If you’ve got the gunz, may as well show them off.

One problem is, there are a lot of muscle-shirted guys out there (usually in front of me in the grocery store checkout line) who have a beer belly and are hairy as a gorilla but they think they look just as good as they did when they were young and buff. :eek: For a bonus, some of them have been outdoors sweating and are rather ripe. Ewwww. :stuck_out_tongue: Or women who are showing off huge fat fleshy shoulders in a spaghetti strap top. I’d rather not see either, myself. :twocents:

But OP, don’t worry overly much about the video. It’s not abnormal at your age to be focused on your attractiveness to women to a certain degree. If you find you’re spending an inordinate amount of time at the mirror, that might be cause for concern, but otherwise you’re just acting like a young person. We girls at that age were checking our makeup and hair and so forth. It’s pretty normal.

“Vanity of vanities! All is vanity” :slight_smile: Talk to your priest.

From my wife’s and daughters’ perspectives, the only thing worse is to see a shirtless guy working in his yard. As my wife puts it, “The last thing I want to see when I drive into my neighborhood is that!” :bigyikes:

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