Does AARP stand to profit immensely from health care reform?


Someone explained to me that the AARP stands to profit immensely from health reform because the new health plan would be so bare bones that older folks will need to purchase medigap. Medigap is a private for-purchase health care plan offered by AARP that fills in and covers what the bare bones plan doesn’t. If this is true, it makes sense why AARP wants the new health reform, although the profit motivation would probably not make members very comfortable. Many assume AARP has their best interests instead of increased costs.


AARP is an activist group.

Would an activist group support anything that diminishes their power base?


A review of AARP’s most recent Form 990 filing with the Internal Revenue Service finds that in 2008, then-CEO Bill Novelli received cash compensation of $788,957 and “other compensation” of $216,423, for total compensation of $1,005,830.

Whose interest is at AARP’s heart?


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