Does ABC support Planned Parenthood?

I watch a particular series on ABC, but came across a list anew this week that cites them as a PP contributor through Disney. Is this true, or is the list outdated ?

Nothing definitive comes up online, but Disney does support PP and modeled its “Tree of Life” in Disney World after Galton’s Eugenics Tree Diagram.

“Average negroes possess too little intellect, self-reliance, and self-control to make it possible for them to sustain the burden of any respectable form of civilization without a large measure of external guidance and support” (Francis Galton, 1873 - Inventor of Eugenics).

A 2010 posting on EWTN’s website states they have no evidence that Disney supports PP nationally. The Orlando location apparently made a one-time donation to Florida PP, but from what I’ve read elsewhere that was in connection with a Girl Scout program, and even EWTN characterizes that as an isolated incident.

The idea that the Tree of Life was modeled after a 19th-century eugenics drawing is hooey. You’ll have to explain why Disney would support initiatives aimed at eliminating its future customers.

If ABC did contribute directly to Planned Parenthood, merely watching a program on their network would still not be cooperation with evil. Programs on ABC are supported by sponsors, so if you don’t want your money going where the network puts it, and we haven’t proven anything about ABC, you would want to make a note of the commercial sponsors during at least the program you watch, and refrain from patronizing any of them.

And PP has had its mitts in the Girl Scouts for a long time:

I don’t have to explain, they do.


Thank you for clearing that up.

I watched this evenings episode after having prayed Vespers, and saw number of companies advertised. The more curious were, and my local cable, phone, and internet service provider.

I know Amazon isn’t a PP contributor (Well it was an advertisement for a Kindle), and I’ve looked online previously regarding my cable service provider and found nothing on them. Time Warner on the other hand…, so I would imagine in the case of my cable service provider it’s more a matter of them advertising on every which channel.

Nevertheless, I thank you for your help in clearing up the matter. It’s sick that we live in a society, where the choice to abort is even an option. We must seek to convert souls, if ever this holocaust is to end.

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