Does all Contemporary Catholic Music sound New Age-y?

One of my favorite songs that we’d sing at Mass when I was younger was Hail Mary - Gentle Woman by Carey Landry. I was thinking of various Christmas songs the other day, and this song popped into my head. I’d never considered it Christmas-y before, but upon searching found that Carey Landry has it on a Christmas CD, and it made some sense. I then tried finding a vocal version of it that I could play around Christmas and couldn’t find a single one I liked. It seemed as though each one I listened to either sounded like something you’d find on Enya’s greatest hits, or like it was pulled from one of those Christian music CD collections you see advertised late at night in the middle of all the infomercials.

I don’t listen to any Contemporary Catholic or Christian music, but after trying to find a good version of Gentle Woman, it made me wonder if it all sounds like that. The versions of this song that I found would all either put me to sleep or make me want to gouge my ears out. I’m not looking for a rock version of the song or anything like that, but something a slight bit more upbeat without the dreamy sounding vocals or over-exuberant harmonizing that all these other versions have (in other words, an arrangement similar to what we did when I was a kid).

I guess since Mary played a somewhat pivotal role in the whole Christmas story, many Marian songs have become “Christmas songs” in the popular culture, even if they are not explicitly about Christmas.

I wish you luck in your search. I’m afraid I don’t know of any versions of that song which would fit with what you’re looking for. :o

I’m mainly hoping for something that doesn’t have bongos and isn’t unbearably slow and dreamy-sounding. Carey Landry’s instrumental version sounds very nice, but I want something with the words as well. I suspect I’ll try to whittle it down to 2-3 then go with whichever of those sounds best.

The main thing that made me think of this song was the fact that I have about half a dozen versions of The Lord’s Prayer, almost all of which come from Christmas albums. I thought this would offer a nice counterbalance to one of those.

I love Sarah Hart and Danielle Rose. There isn’t much from them on Youtube but here are some samples. You can find more out there I am sure.

Danielle Rose - Shelter Your Name

Sarah Hart - Better than a Hallelujah

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