Does America want to rule the world?

Does America want to rule the world? Would they prefer it that way? Or do they respect the existence of other rulers?

America is made up of different people. There are many government officials and stuff so it is hard to tell. Especially since I don’t know that much about them so I can’t really say.

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no, the USA doesn’t wish to rule the world

we’ve got enough trouble getting the garbage & the huge amounts of fallen tree limbs due to heavy spring snows picked up

“the world” ; you guys are on your own…

Is your argument that it would be impractical for America to rule the world?

not only impractical; but impossible

you all figure it out yourselves, we’ americans got our own problems…

America seems to have interest in other countries, They seem to be hostile against certain countries in regards to their development of nuclear weapons and will even go to war based on the belief that they are developing undesirable weapons. This at least implies that they wish to control other countries and their development.


If we wanted to nuke the world, you wouldn’t be here asking this silly question.
HISTORY: in all the wars, WE NEVER STARTED WARS. Europe asked for help, we gave
it. I think we came joined last. We were Isolationists. Didn’t want to fight. After winning, we don’t take over a country nor do we steal from its grieving ppl. We help rebuild. WW II, same thing
We dropped the nukes. We had to protect our troops! The Japs were winning. It was horrible.
Nobody wants to nuke, x ROCKET MAN!
Stop listening to DEMS

USA has at the very least the right to defend itself

the proliferation of nuclear weapons is not a good idea

which nations (that don’t already have them) would you recommend be “allowed” to have nuclear weapons?

ireland, canada, finland or…

north korea or iran?

Just like a nation that gets super powerful and influential, America has an interest in how the world is run. That’s inevitable with any superpower. Really, America is an Empire. It’s Empire is just not as overt as the Roman Empire or the British Empire were. Our Empire is through payouts, subsidies, military aid and the like. Those, who depart drastically from what the U.S. wants will face repercussions.


the USA is the farthest thing from an “empire” than any geo-political entity that has ever existed

i am getting drawn into an “america-hate” thread

i should probably bail before moderation steps in…

have a nice night…

It seems inevitable to me that any country will reach a point where they are able to produce nuclear weapons. Is the answer to go to war with them? Is that really a reasonable form of prevention or protection against the inevitable. Such countries would have to be constantly suppressed in some way or another by an outside force. Surely, unless America intends to rule these countries, going to war will only escalate the possibility of nuclear development and a nuclear war to go with it.

Who said anything about America hate? One has to point out the good and the bad.

I would rather live in America than any other nation at the moment. But we still have problems.

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It’s not an American hate thread. It’s a qeustion about Americas activity in the world.

Are you calling European countries Euro trash?

there are no more “countries” in europe;

aren’t you all part of the happy, tranquil, peaceful, powerful EU?

God Save the Queen! Britain is leaving.

Good for them.

Actually i am from the UK. I really don’t get why you are acting so aggressively.

Gasp!!! You have a British accent?

All bow down to your superiority and wisdom.

[Americans love British accents]


did you vote pro brexit?

just asking

I love American accents.

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