Does an annulment make children illegitimate?

I’m not Catholic, so I’m completely ignorant of this element of your Church. If a couple annuls their marriage after they have children, then 1.), what is the perspective of the Church on their marriage, and 2.), how does this affect thier children?

[quote=PJO]What is the perspective of the Church on their marriage?

An annulment is a declaration that a sacramental marriage did not exist from the beginning of the marriage.

[quote=PJO]How does this affect thier children?

An annulment does not render children of the marriage illegitimate. They were born within a legal and putative (i.e., presumed valid) marriage. An annulment is a determination of the spiritual status of the marriage and the freedom of the spouses to marry in the Church. It does not in any way affect the children’s legitimacy.

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