Does an invalid marriage mean invalid baptisms?


Firstly heres the background details to my situation;

My husband and I have been married for 13years; civil marriage by the govnerment which in the eyes of legal society is legal. However we have not convalidated our marriage. My husbands Catholic faith is not strong for us to go through convalidation however we do regularly attend our local parish for Sunday mass but DO NOT receive the Holy Communion. I have a better understanding of the process to get my marriage convalidated after reading Fr Vincent’s in-depth advice on here…

We have 3 young children under the age of 13. They have all been baptised in the Catholic Church. My eldest will go through with holy communion next year hopefully. My question is because our marriage has not been validated in the Church but we have children born from this marriage and already baptised, does their baptism become invalid because we have not convalidated our marriage thus far?


No, their baptisms are not invalid. The validity of baptism does not depend upon the parents or their situation.

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