Does any blessing from a priest render a Brown Scapular valid?


Does any blessing from a priest upon request render a scapular valid? I know that I’ve read that there are specific prayers to be enrolled in wearing a scapular, so I don’t know if my scapular is valid



Yeah, most Scapulars come with the investiture/enrollment blessing in a pamphlet. Technically, it’s you who receive the blessing, not the scapular. That’s why if you lose it and get a new one, you don’t have to get it blessed–the blessing stays with you.

I actually had to ask four different priests at three different parishes until I found a priest who would do it. The others just said, “you don’t need that” and blessed the scapular like you would a medal or crucifix.




If I’m not mistaken, it COULD be carried in a pocket but that should be an EXCEPTION and NOT done REGULARILY.


a) Each scapular has a prayer of investiture. They are easy to find on line and if you give it to most priests they will be happy to do it for you. It takes all of two minutes.

b) It is the nature of scapulars to break or otherwise wear out. If you were properly investitured, you do not need to do it again, Dispose of the scapular as you would any other blessed item.


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