Does any body notice this? Am I the only one?

Any trend to produce programmes and products - including animated films and video games - which in the name of entertainment exalt violence and portray anti-social behaviour or the trivialization of human sexuality is a perversion

this is what the pope said. benidict I think. :thumbsup:
good huh?

why do so many catholic watch stuff that exalt violence.

some may be very familar with the story the girl flushed baby down toilet. okay the news said this is it okay to watch news? YES
because it doesnt exalt violenece. if it said flushing babys down toilets was “GREAT” and “you should do it!” then yes that exalts violence and is a perversion says the pope and you should not watch it.

no this applies to all shows? I think so. Law and order.
whats so bad about abunch of hard cops takeing crime and thugs off the streets? nothing at all!!!

but lets look at the cops cuss in law and order. lets look at the cops insult people!

Sirach 23:15 further states,

“A man accustomed to using insulting words will never become disciplined all his days.”

SINCE cops insult people they are exalting sin.

Lets lets also look agian. how is the show exalting cussing and insulting. well if the dtectives insult someone and NO one intervines or says thats wrong and its looked at some thing as NORMAL thats wrong and exaltion. what part of sin is normal! Not one bit of sin should be normal!

Sure law and order exalts justice. thats holy. its good to watch.
whats Never good to watch is the exaltion of cussing or unaddressed cussing like its something normal.

these are not my words. but the popes.
here is my link if any object. that this is the popes message and I am his messenger before you who read this

P.S well actually its a catholic website explaining this but its still the popes message.

Mini gerbel

also can we make this a sticky :slight_smile:

hey let me know if anyone finds this uncatholic we are all in the same boat. I want to be sure im right. what do you all think of this??? :confused:

I’m not sure if it is a trend - it seems to have been this way for a long time. I’ve noticed that quite a few of us here at CAF skimp on (or skip entirely) television for that reason. So no, you are not the only one who dislikes the violence and sexuality in popular culture.

It’s real life stuff. That’s what they’ll tell you. Do they really go to bed with people that turn them on or cuss that much? I don’t know, but I doubt that much. The people who make these probably have left-leaning political views, but they have the violence in their tv and movies. Sex and compulsiveness, I believe, have a psychological link, though, supernaturally, linked to an empty soul. Satan and his big thinkers probably know that, even if his “useful idiots” minions don’t realize that–I don’t think. Many liberal people like Tarrantino (sp?) and/or horror movies and get into movies called cult classics, that often have this stuff and other ill-will towards others.

um is it just me or are not every one looking at this. no one argues. yet every one continues on about stargate and cussing in video games such as grandtheft auto. I bet we may even find halo people in here or “the apprentice” people.

If you all think im wrong then correct me. but no one is argueing and people are just ignoring the message. :mad:

Lighten up. Violence in society has been going on long before video was around. I can watch it without it having an effect on me. Why do some feel the need to control what others watch?

because thats what the pope said.

and if you dont do what the pope says you are not catholic PERIOD!

Wrong. I can be Catholic and watch what the Pope tells me not to. If the Pope said I couldn’t watch Star Trek I would keep on watching it. If I want to watch the latest action movie that has violence I will.

That sounds more like a personal opinion and not a dogmatic statement of faith/doctrine (c’mon guys, the Pope should be allowed a personal opinion on stuff). Also, notice, that the Pope is addressing ‘production’ of such things, not the purchase or viewing or playing of such things.

okay but your still not catholic anyway. catholic is the chrurch. no follow church. no catholic sorry

I am Catholic. The Church suggests what not to watch but doesn’t hold us by the hand and direct us under penalty of sin. I wish you would stop telling me I’m not Catholic.

how do you know this? do you have a link that I could find?

also pope benidict is strictly saying its a perversion.
shall perverts who watch bad stuff see the face of God?
or shall the clean of heart see God?
Will both the clean in heart and the perverts see God?

I may be a sinner but that doesn’t make me not a Catholic. Otherwise there would be no Catholics because we are all sinners. Stop judging me. I am Catholic whether you agree or not.

I don’t watch alot of this stuff anyhow but I do occasionally enjoy Stargate. It’s called science fiction and should not be considered sinful to watch. I also like Planet of the Apes. Oh the violence in such a movie.

I think the real danger is in that we can easily get desensitized to it…violence, profanity, sexual promiscuity becomes the norm and we no longer see anything wrong with it. Perhaps you’re much stronger than I, but I find that when I spend a significant amount of time with people whose moral values are, how shall we say, different from my own, I find myself less and less able to stand for what I believe in.

It’s the same with the media. Certain phrases become less offensive each time they’re used, and before you know it, I’m using them myself.

The other issue of course, is how we’re affecting other people. Can I say that I’m against homosexual activity if I’m watching Will and Grace? Can I speak out against fornication and adultery when I’m watching Friends? I’ve just shown some poor non-believer that I (and other Catholics) are nothing but hypocrites. TV shows live and die by their ratings. We are paying Hollywood to continue producing this drivel.

sorry it exalts violence. no matter what anyone thinks it exalts it it exalts cussing it exalts evil. and the pope calls that a perversion.

Why are you argueing with me? were is your arguement?

"It’s calleds cience fiction
should not be considered sinful to watch."
you say this? no matter what it is if it exalts evil its bad.

“Oh the violence in such a movie.” well violence is okay :thumbsup: as long as its not exalted :slight_smile:

amen sister :smiley:

Science fiction deos not exalt violence. Anymore than a documentary on war does.

And why do you pass judgement where you are not entitled to?

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