Does any one watch EWTN?


I watch it occasionally. I have quite a lot of shows recorded that I am yet to watch.

EWTN also have an app by the way that you can download and watch live streams on there.


I used to watch almost every night.

I liked listening to Farher Groescel. But he’s passed on.

I also liked Father Corapi, but he’s left the priesthood.

I look at Raymond Arroyo’s twitter feed, I’m not sure I’d like his show much.


Bishop Sheen?

I like listening to him! He’s on YouTube as well.


I’m pretty sure they are a non-profit, 501c3, and as such they would have financial disclosure requirements. It is not going to be granular as in “we paid $475 on bottled water”, but, just as your parish or the Red Cross has to have a public financial disclosure avaliable so would EWTN.


I enjoy The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi…Fr. Mitch Pacwa…Divine Mercy…Papal Mass specials…I used to watch Raymond Arroyo The World Over but he has guests on who seem to be always critical of statements made by Pope Francis


I listen to the radio, but only occasionally watch the TV channel. I recently saw the movies about JP!! and liked them so much I ordered the DVD!

Love Called to Communion. Wish Christ is the Answer was still on!!! Are you listening EWTN? :slight_smile:


I like almost everything on there with the exception of Mr. Arroyo. It’s just personal tastes, but he rubs me the wrong way.


Sadly, I find a certain political slant to his “news” programming.


You ask why Father Pacqua has been to the Holy Land more than 50 times. He leads pilgramages there for Catholics and Christians wishing to visit the Holy Land. They are paid for by these same pilgrams, same as any travel agency.


If I see a certain slant to his news on one show, the opposite “slant” is usually presented on another show. After, the Daily Mass and Father Pacqua, Raymond’s show is my next favorite. Many times, he will give us an interview with a very interesting person, whether Catholic or not.


I watch EWTN and I especially enjoy Saints vs. Scoundrels. My favorite episode of that was Flannery O’Connor vs, Ayn Rand but they are all good. I hope they continue with that series. Other favorites are Ray Arroyo’s shows, EWTN Live, The Journey Home, Fr. Spitzer’s Universe and Super Saints.

Btw…this evening’s Conversations with Raymond Arroyo is with Abby Johnson.


Yep! The man sure knew how to command the camera! (And audience!)


Sounds interesting. My problem is I’ve become unaccustomed to television schedules and so used to watching video on demand that it’s difficult for me to first look up the shows I might like to watch on EWTN and then set down and watch them right at that time.

There on-demand selection is rather limited.


I’ve run into the same problem since I cut cable. When I had cable I was able to dvr the programs and watch when I wanted to. I have Apple TV now and can’t record anymore so I do check out the schedule all the time. The on demand is not going to carry shows like saints vs. scoundrels and super saints because they offer those for sale in the religious catalogue. They are worth buying imo.


Super Saints, although just a bit cheezey and home made, I always enjoyed, most always.


Bob and Penny remind me of Abbot and Costello…something like that, anyways.


I am in RCIA right now and looked to EWTN as a tool when I was first getting interested in the faith. As many have said, it is extremely outdated and I think the network would benefit from a fresh approach, but as someone noted it does have somewhat of a nostalgic feel to it. I think this is especially true for me because when I was a little girl the woman who babysat me must have had a 24 hour stream of Mother Angelica on TV. It was always on in the background. :grin: I have a hard time finding programs I like on the network. I enjoy the Journey Home, and as a history fanatic I LOVE Catholic Beginnings. I also like Grab Your Catechism with Fr. Connor. They did a special on Catholic schools a few months ago that I really enjoyed, since I’m going into education.


This reminded me of how Fr. Charles Connor is constantly saying “In any event”. Could make for a good drinking game. :joy:


My remarks in this area are so negative. I have such high expectations of EWTN. I think there should be more emphasis on the eternal Word than on any personality, such as… take your pick.

Fr. Connor and Fr Mullady seemed to skip over a full discussion of paragraph 1735 of the catechism. It’s a very touchy subject, of when someone may commit a grave action, yet not be culpable of mortal sin, due to the conditions listed there. The paragraph divides into unintentional and intentional action – it distinguishes actions which are inadvertent – so the rest of the actions referred to there must be deliberate actions which are, at the same time, objectively grave in matter, yet are not mortal sins for the reasons listed there and for “other” reasons which are not specified.

Fr Mitch declined a question I sent into the EWTN Live program, stating that this subject was too complicated to discuss on the air. How do you like that? That was the return email I got from EWTN.

…such an important subject that is too complicated to discuss on the air. Yes, there is the often-repeated three conditions for a sin to be mortal. But, in the fine print here in 1735, things are not so clear, that even this priest would not want to be quoted on the air. On another occasion when I called in on this same question, Fr Mitch limited the psychological factor which limit culpability for sin to only the extreme case of someone who is determined to be criminally insane. I can’t accept this, to rely on local standards of mental illness to override the catechism. First, if the CCC only meant criminally insane as a reducing culpability, it could have said so, but didn’t ! Second, there are a lot of other psychological conditions where people are not making free decisions, but are swayed by any of a whole textbook of psychological conditions, temporary or otherwise. People suffering with PTSD, for example, which can affect anyone of any age or gender may not be able to control themselves, when their stress point is reached. And, how about the sociological reasons for being less than fully culpable for a grave action - these are only mentioned in the most general way in 1735. Soldiers are trained for killing and are sent out to do just that, intentionally, or to drop bombs which has the same effect. That’s a sociological factor.

As complicated as this subject is, muddying the clear waters of catechism definitions, it is THERE in the CCC and presented to us as part of the deposit of faith, Part of the complexity is that 1735 is really describing God’s mercy, and who can put limits, bounds, or human definitions on it?

So, I’m a bit disappointed with the call-screening that only permits us callers to lob in easy questions.


In regards to the original question of who watches EWTN – I seem to recall Mother Angelica saying a long time ago, that all the money spent on EWTN would be worth it if only one soul had been saved because of it.

Somehow, that strikes me as part of the answer to this question.

It’s parallel to a subject I’ve heard on Protestant radio programs, that a church sermon might not relate to everyone at the service, but maybe just one person who really needed to hear the message that day.

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