Does any one watch EWTN?


It’s not 100% closed captioning so I don’t watch EWTN much.


I watch Catholic answers , Jimmy akin is my favourite host.Im pretty sure this is Ewtn.


I do, and I even have the app on my phone. Love me some Journey Home, Called to Communion, and EWTN live.


This is my frustration, also. I have read at CAF that other things have higher priority for funding. :confounded:


That’s a good point, because I don’t have the world’s greatest hearing. I have some hearing loss from my right ear, and I have had it since at least childhood. Then again, part of that’s my own fault because my taste in music. I relate, somewhat.


I love watching EWTN especially Mother Angelica, she was an inspiration to all of us with her tremendous faith and love of our Lord.


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