Does any parish have the traditional outdoor Corpus Christi Procession?

Our Knights of Columbus are working on a project to bring back the outdoor Corpus Christi Procession. Hopefully, we will be able to process through part of our town. To my knowledge, no one has actually seen such a procession. However, there is a great desire to bring honor to Our Lord and demonstrate that He is truly present.

If anyone has pictures or instructions for making the canopy, please share them. Or share any hints you may have.

Thank you.


The human person is worthy of profound respect from the moment of conception.

The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph and the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas have jointly sponsored a beautiful outdoor Eucharistic Procession on the Feast of Corpus Christi for the past 5 years. For more information you can contact the office of worship at either diocese. In Missouri the number is 816-756-1850.

The first question is: is there another parish within walking distance?

If not, you could have a procession through your parking lot.

Also, if you march through town, you’ll likely have to get a parade permit (which in some districts can take some time) – so I would get on that since Corpus Christi is a little over a month away.

You can find some more information here:
You can find canopies here:

Notre Dame (believe it or not!) has had a Eucharistic procession for a couple of years now. They’ve got a page here with information and a bunch of photos, and there’s been some coverage on the New Liturgical Movement blog here and here. I don’t know, it might give you some ideas. Come to think of it, if you email Shawn Tribe of NLM he may be able to hook you up with resources or other people who could help, and he might well want to post about your event.

Our parish has one every year. The parish is out of the way of normal traffic streets. It is in an industrial area. They start planning it around two months before. I haven’t attended it yet as I go to an early Mass and it is at the 12:30 Mass.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


My parish had one last year but unfortunately I didn’t go. Here is an awesome video of a procession in New York.

Oh WOW!!! Wonderful video!!!:thumbsup:

I’m not sure if you could even call ND a “believe it or not”; they’ve got a very strong presence of Catholic culture. Almost immediately after the motu proprio they announced that the Holy Cross Brothers would be refamiliarizing themselves with the rubrics of 1962, and by the start of the next school year, a weekly Tridentine Mass was in place, which has a prominent place on the university’s Campus Ministry website. Plus, they created the Blue Mass for policemen and firemen and celebrate annually (along with the Red Mass for lawyers and the White Mass for doctors), they have Eucharistic Adoration on campus five days a week, accompanied by the Angelus, the Rosary, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (and in Friday in the Basilica), they have an annual forty hours devotion, they celebrate Vespers in the basilica every Sunday evening for the students, and they have special, large-scale celebrations for a great number of feast days (Immaculate Conception, Assumption, Our Ladies of Lourdes, Sorrows, and Guadalupe, St. Patrick, St. Joseph, two blesseds of the Holy Cross, and of course the usual big feasts).

Things have definitely gotten better since I went there in the 90s. And even then, we had nothing but pity for the state of things at Georgetown and Boston College, so really we didn’t have it all that bad. But all you read about these days on the blogs are Obama’s award, the Vagina Monologues, and that sort of thing (Google “Notre Shame” if you’re curious), which is what I was getting at.

Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago
and other parishes in the Arch of Chicago.

Probably many parishes in Texas still have it too.

Certainly a number of parishes in northern and southern California as well.

We do it every year, but we just march around the perimeter of the church grounds singing. By the time we get back into the church, we are way off tempo, you can tell, because the cantor is still inside the church leading and singing! :)Still I like it, it’s fun to be in a procession outside!

check youtube for first communion and sspx, i have seen it there.

Yes, our EF parish has several processions each year. I believe Christ the King is one of them. And I know that Holy Rosary in Portland, OR does a few processions each year.

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