Does anybody else miss the old Memorial Acclamations?

I was just thinking how many years I heard “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.” I feel a bit sad that I cannot hear that one any more at a Mass.

“Dying you destroyed our death, Rising you restored our life, Lord Jesus come in glory” is gone too.

I miss hearing these.

When were these used? Before the Roman Missal translation in the 2010s-ish?

I don’t mean this in a negative way at all, but can you imagine how it would have felt to people around 1970, some of whom had just gotten used to knowing they would never hear the Latin they had heard for just as long (or more) than the US Catholics heard the above Memorial Acclamations, in favor of a vernacular translation, and then on top of THAT there came out the 1970 translation and all the English they had learned as a fairly literal translation was scrapped for a 'dynamic one?" (I’ll just say that when the 2011 came out, much of the ‘changes’ I remembered as being originally in that 1965-1969 ‘early translation’ and it felt like greeting old friends)?

There is always going to be loss when there is change, even if the change is for the better, and certainly if one does NOT feel the change was better the loss is even harder to bear (again, the irony is not lost on those who remember the 1960s).

It took pretty much until 2007 (although Pope St. John Paul 2 had ‘loosened’ the Tridentine up in the 1980s, though only for a few) to get the Motu Proprio, but I would not be a bit surprised given the rumblings we’ve heard in the last few years for there to be some dioceses (and I can even guess which ones) where the bishops will ‘bring back the pre2011’ Mass, pastorally, for all those who long for it). You may yet hear those acclamations again. . .

Personally, I miss the old “Keep in Mind” (the mid 1960s one before they loused up the time and tempo, when it was more like Gregorian chant). I never hear it the old way any more!


I miss that one too. Howevet, the hymn version of it still gets sung from time to time, especially around Easter. I think I just heard the hymn somewhere a couple weeks ago.

I have never been a big pusher for liturgitcal reforms in the sense of sending prayers or hymns out to some backwater where we never use them again, unless there was a clear doctrinal need to do so, like the old prayer was wrong and needed to be corrected. People miss old stuff.

They were used since I was a child, which would have been just post-Vatican II, up to about 2011 which is when I think they changed the Missal in the USA.


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