Does anybody know a Neocatechumenal Way parish in New York?


Hi. I’m a 19 year old spanish guy, and i’m thinking about moving out from Spain, temporally.

I’d like to spend a couple of years in the USA, and i’ve been thinking about moving in to New York.

I’m worried about job opportunities, but my highest preocupation is if i will find any neocatechumenal parish, because i’d like to continue with my spiritual habits even if I live in the us.

So, can anybody help me please?

Thank you.


I thought the Neocatechumenal Way had been declared a heresy? :confused:


No, they have two years to work toward using the same Mass as everybody else. They may only have homilies given by a priest or deacon. They must make use of the other eucharistic prayers.They must “transition” toward the same reception of the Eucharist as the rest of us, and not sitting around a table. They are limited in how many Neocatechumenal Way Masses they may have in a month, and must go to the other parish Masses the rest of the month.


Peace to you.

The Way is very strong in NYC. I suggest that you speak to your catechists about your plans. They will be able to help you discern whether to leave your country and how to continue walking if you decided to come to the U.S.



Now see? This confues me, as it sounds rather cultish to me. His “catechists” have to help him discern whether or not he can leave Spain? What if they say no? This is why other Catholics, such as jmcrae, have a problem with the Way (I’m not exactly thrilled with it myself, but they have two years to get their collective act together).

The man asked for a parish that had this, not advice on whether or not to discern it, and how to do so. So, nicely, I am confused. Is this a sign of cultishness?:confused:


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