Does Anybody Know St. Therese the Little Flower?

I don’t remember the exact chapter, sorry. But it’s early in the story… as she used them, during her childhood. And if memory serves me… she makes only a brief reference to them… “I pulled a bead along for each small sacrifice”. Words to that effect.

I don’t remember the exact chapter, sorry. But it’s early in the story… as she used them, during her childhood. And if memory serves me… she makes only a brief reference to them… “I pulled a bead along for each small sacrifice”. Words to that effect.

I think this was mentioned in chapter one, but only very briefly. As the first part of the book was written for her sister Pauline, I don’t think Therese goes into detail about everything. The first section is a mutual recollection of the family past between two sisters. For this reason, St. Therese didn’t explain everything, knowing that Mother Agnes would already know what she was talking about.

However, I think the idea of Sacrifice Beads is excellent and I may begin using them in the future

That whole family was definately saintly. Seems that people use to talk about Vocations a lot more than we do now.

I know a family that is very awesomely saintly, they all, except one have passed on now, he is a Msgr. and is one of twelve brothers and sisters, all of them, except one who Married, became either Priest, Sisters, Monks, Brothers, their father use to be a Deacon.

A life in service to God is what we are all called to, but we need to pray for vocations, ask St. Therese’s intercession, we need more holy Priest to shepherd us. More people concencrated to God. We need that sense of holiness that we are all called to. It was wonderful seeing the new Archbishop of New York on EWTN, so many Priests and Religious were there, it was wonderful to see them all. He spoke so well of all of us defending life from conception to a natural death.

Especially now, I think of this song because the words are so true for our times of the culture of death which ought to be a culture of life…
Shepherd me O Lord, beyond my wants, beyond my needs, from death into life.

I believe St. Therese could help us all to become more holy with her little way.

St. Therese is not my confirmation saint, but she does hold a special place in my heart. There’s a movie out on DVD called Therese, which I’d reccomend you see. It’s very good.

Also, there is a devotion to St. Therese called Sacrifice Beads. She had a string of them herself. What you do is, whenever you do an act of love for God, like a good deed, or a prayer, or shwing kindness twords someone, you’re supposed to pull a bead and count the things you’ve done that day for God. Some carry them around, others wear them as a bracelet. Mine is a bracelet: -St. Therese Sacrifice beads website Therese movie


I’m reading a book now called Everything is Grace - The Life and Way of Therese of Lisieux by Joseph F. Schmidt, FSC. I haven’t decided what I think of it, sometimes I don’t like the way it’s written and sometimes I think it has value. I’ve also read Spiritual Childhood - The Spirituality of St. Therese of Lisieux by Vernon Johnson. I thought it had a number of valuable insights.
I’ll look for the book about Marcel and she. It sounds very interesting!

Hi, :slight_smile: I have a devotion to St Therese, in fact she’s one of my favourite Saints and she helped bring me to the Church. I highly recommend the book “Story of a Soul”, it’s so beautiful and inspiring! God bless! :slight_smile:

I went to my Cathedral today and purchased “Story Of A Soul” by St. Therese. I can’t wait to begin reading it! I regularly pray to the saints, but never before have I felt a strong connection to one of them in the way that I do to towards the Little Flower. I really empathise with her. It feels like her method of spirituality was written just for me.

that’s great! :smiley: that’s how I feel too. I think that sometimes it happens that if we feel a ‘connection’ with a Saint, it’s not so much because we chose them, but they chose us :wink:

Hello Friends!
St Therese is wonderful. I just discovered her as well. I was in a thrift store and saw a beautiful old image of her in a frame and bought it. I felt like it was meant for me!! So, I started learning more about her and am presently reading a Story of a soul which is wonderful. I feel that I should try to imitate her little ways everyday. I am trying to use the sacrifice beads too.
blessings to all,

Hi MV;)

St therese is wonderful :slight_smile: Along with St Bernadette I class them both as my ‘twin towers’, they are always there for me and I was fortunate enough to receive a 2nd class relic of St Therese on my late Fathers birthday :smiley:

Of course I know about St. Therese-she’s one of my favorite Saints! Pope St. Pius X called her ‘The greatest Saint of modern times’.

I have several editions of ‘Story of a Soul’, along with books of her poetry, prayers, photographs, and biographies of her and her family.

I visited Lisieux and Alencon (her birthplace) in 1991-wonderful places!

I got to know her through a Carmelite prayerbook that my mother had. When I was a kid, I used to ‘dip into it’ when I sat in the family car after Mass on Sundays.

I make St. Therese’s beads. They are awesome gifts for priests, youth groups, and CORE team members. (other people to but those are the people i give them to)

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