Does anybody know where this quote comes from?

The quote is not in its purest form when I say it but it goes something along the lines of this; “If a man would worship a tree, I would make him worship Christ, who was hung on a tree.”

I think it may have been by Pope St. Gregory the Great but I am not entirely sure but it’s speaks great truth; the absorption of what may be seemingly pagan into the Fullness of Truth in Christ and His Church.

God bless you, and may you ever be in Communion with the Church of Rome!

Just so you’ll know that you’re not being ignored, I tried googling several permutations of the words in the quote, and either I got zilch, or I was directed back into your OP. Sorry. :shrug:

It’s no bother my friend, thank you looking it up nonetheless! I doubt I came up with up the bloody thing so it must have come from somewhere. I’ll have to keep snooping around for it! :thumbsup:

I hope you find it, because it sounds vaguely familiar. I’m curious, too.

Perhaps from St. Augustine’s Contra Faustum, in Book 14 or Book 20?

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