Does anybody "Redbox"?

This is the coolest and cheapest way to rent movies. Merely step into the closest supermarket, gas station, or even McDonalds, go up to the Redbox, hit the screen, swipe your charge card, and you’re out of there in less than 2 minutes with the lastest film release. And the best part, only 1.06 per rental!

Discovered this little gem over the weekend and already watched Marley and Me and Benjamin Button for less than the cost of a large Coke…

I love it!

You can also watch movies on YouTube! I recently watched Toy Story 2, Spirited Away, and Young Frankenstein. :wink:

Really? Is there a special area on You Tube for movies?

I was a little wary when it first hit our local store, but we’ve used it occasionally.

My biggest problem is I’m so used to getting movies at the library that I forget to return them in 24 hours!

I guess my concern is whether such movies are posted with the permission of the producers, or whether they are online because they have been pirated.

Yeah, I it sounds kind of skeetchy, but maybe it’s okay. Need more info on things online…

My wife tried it for 2 kids movies. Liked the bargain. Not sure if it is safe to use a credit or debit card at those redboxes.


Yes, Redbox is great!! Renting a movie for $1 is so much better than the almost $5 Blockbuster charges and it is right around the corner from my apartment. :smiley:

I use Netflix, but Redbox definitely sounds better than the video store.

There are free movies on Youtube that are legal ( but you’re not going to find any recent Hollywood blockbusters. People illegally post movies, though. You can easily spot the illegal movies because they’ll be cut into portions (e.g. “James Bond Casino Royale: part 1”, “James Bond Casino Royale: part 2”, etc.) because of the maximum movie length for publically uploaded files (vs. files uploaded by a studio).

Several sites do allow legal downloads of the latest movies (Netflix, for example), but you have to pay. If there was a site that allowed for legal downloading of the latest Hollywood films for free, everyone would know about it and use it.


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