Does anybody use the iPietas app?

(Sorry if this is in the wrong forum - wasn’t too sure where to put it.)

I recently downloaded the iPieta ipod app and have been having some technical difficulties with it, which I was hoping someone could help me with. I haven’t been able to get the audio for it to work; I downloaded the audio files off the website and sync’d it onto my ipod, but itunes put it in with my music files and none of the audio is associated with the iPieta texts they are supposed to go with. For example, iPieta lists many prayers, most of which have an audio symbol next to them, and you’re supposed to be able to click the symbol and the appropriate audio file will play. However, none of the audio symbols are functional, and in the main settings area, the option to turn the audio on is not functional either - there is no way to turn it on.

Other than the audio issues, it is a great app - it’s less than three dollars and has tons of content, including the Douay-Rheims bible, the Vulgate, tons of prayers, the Summa Theologica, writings of JPII, and about a gb of other stuff!

It seems like iPieta is a fairly popular app, so I wondered if anyone else has had this problem, and how you solved it.

I have iPieta, and the installation is not exactly seamless (and this is coming from someone technical).

Have you seen this installation page?

If you follow this installation page, you should be fine. Some tips:


  • Have your iTunes window and Windows Explorer window opened side by side.
  • Make sure the iPieta files are unzipped.
  • Drag either the All Latin or All English folder to your Music folder. Do one at a time.
    – Make sure you enable the audio in iPieta’s settings.

After doing that, you may need to give a minute or two or even restart.

Remember you have to double tap on the sound icon to get the audio.

Good luck!


I followed the steps of the instructions on their audio installation page; although it was able to get the audio onto the ipod, it wouldn’t synchronize it with the proper iPieta entries; at that point was when I actually posted here. I restarted the ipod like you suggested and the audio still wasn’t able to turn on; feeling a little frustrated, I turned the calendar setting -> epiphany off and back on, and when I did that suddenly the audio became functional. :shrug:

Some of the files (maybe 25%) still won’t work (grey non-functional icons instead of blue ones), not sure why, but even so 75% is way better than the 0 percent I had before. Not sure if my ipod itself is the cause of the problem, but if it’s something with iPieta, perhaps this thread will be a resource for someone else experiencing the same thing.

Thanks TrueLight!

Did you download the app via your PC’s itunes or with the ipad itself?? Is better to do it via the ipad

I don’t have an ipad, only an ipod. The instructions said that for ipods, to download the app via itunes on the PC, download the audio to the PC and put it on itunes, and then sync both of them (separately) to the ipod. It’s the sync’ing process where things start to go a little haywire.

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