Does anyone actually watch infomercials?

Voluntarily, I mean. Anyone who isn’t sound asleep on the sofa while the infomercial is on, or who can’t be bothered to change the channel.
Have you ever watched an infomercial for a while thinking it was a TV program?

The only ones I watch on purpose is the music ones like from time life music. I love hearing the older songs. Yeah I am goofy that way but hey God loves me unconditionally and knows I get a kick out of watching them. :egyptian: :whackadoo: LOL

Sometimes if I stumble onto one of those Time/Life oldies CD infomercials, I’ll leave it on just for the music clips. Those are entertaining. Otherwise, no.

I used to watch them on occasion. Especially late at night. Some of those could (should?) be classified as comedies. We just assumed they were meant as such and really enjoyed them that way. :smiley:


Most infomercials nowadays are a little vulgar. Even if the product is ok, they’ve always got some brunette-bimbo who needs a better-fitting shirt hosting the gig.

But the Time Life ones are really great with the old music. Although I hate it when the hosts say, “Throw out your old vinyl records!!!”

I love my vinyl records. They sound much better than CDs! :smiley:

The only infomercial I ever catch myself watching is the Magic Bullet one. I just really want one.

It was 1989 and Yan Can Cook was on the air. It was entertaining and then I thought, “Why not?” I watched the 30-minute infomercial for the “Great Wok of China” at least 3 times before I ordered one. My wife and I have been enjoying homemade Chinese cuisine since then.


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