Does anyone celebrate the anniversary of their confirmation?

Do many people celebrate their confirmation every year, sort of like a birthday or wedding anniversary celebration? I’ve not heard of this before, but I’m assuming it wouldn’t sound too foreign, since a lot of people view their confirmation date as a big deal and something to remember.

What kind of festivities would one even do on the anniversary of their confirmation, if they were to celebrate?

Even though I haven’t even begun RCIA yet, I’m very much looking forward to my confirmation, first communion, and first confession (I’ve already been validly baptized). I think I might celebrate the anniversary of my confirmation, assuming I find no surprise moral restrictions to doing so! :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of it but it sounds like a lovely tradition.

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I remember the date I was baptised, and might light a candle or something similar. I don’t necessarily have a “celebration” but it is a very special day.


I was Confirmed in the Byzantine Rite so I was really young. I just celebrate my Birthday :birthday:

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I’m probably going to be confirmed during Easter vigil. After confirmation, since I’ll likely be fasting for most of the day, I’ll probably break the fast with a desert from my favorite fast-food restaurant, surrounded (hopefully) by my sponsor, her family, and our many friends. I want to make it a tradition to get together to celebrate the anniversary! That is a lovely idea!


I absolutely agree! Unfortunately, my family is Protestant with anti-Catholic leanings, so they won’t be celebrating with me. But I’ll probably have my sponsor!

I celebrate my baptismal and confirmation dates by going to confession, mass and then when I am home, I light the candle from my confirmation and pray. I have never celebrated my baptism before I became Catholic and being baptised didn’t seem that important either.

For Easter, I bring an orchid to our statue of the virgin Mary. Sometimes that flower ends up in front of the altar when the flower bouquets have failed. At my old church, we always had cake on Easter day so I have brought that tradition with me to my Catholic parish.

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People who went through RCIA often do, because it’s easy to remember when the Easter Vigil occurs.
My mother told me that I was Baptized on Palm Sunday. But I dont’ necessarily celebrate that.
I give thanks for being a Catholic daily before rising though :wink:


Mine was yesterday, and yes I celebrated it. It was a very special day for me.


I was baptized on the 4th Sunday of Advent. :blush:

I remember the date of my first Communion, but not my confirmation. Confirmation means a lot to me, but I sense that it has become irrelevant, overall, in the Church.

There is so much to know about our faith, it is daunting to contemplate. I look back at my confirmation as an indication of my commitment to the faith, that I ( a sinner ) have committed myself to.

I would think ones baptismal day far more important…though few celebrate.

Baptism is certainly something to remember. I was baptized June 10th, 2016. I’ve just never thought of celebrating it.

It sounds fine if you want to celebrate it, but honestly I have zero remembrance of my confirmation date.

I don’t remember my first communion date either, and of course being a baby when baptized I have no memory of my baptism date although that is recorded on my baptismal certificate somewhere.

I think these dates may be more memorable or important to converts who have thought long and hard about making a choice to join the Church, than to us Catholic kids for whom the sacraments were something we all did en masse on the schedule prescribed by our parish and Catholic school. I remember First Communion and Confirmation very well, but unfortunately the memories are more about things like adult nuns and parents fussing over my First Communion dress and how we walked in line and our kneeling posture, and us kids wondering what the Host would taste like, than about the joy of receiving Jesus Christ. I guess I was not one of the litle child saints.

As for Confirmation, I don’t think my confirmation prep was particularly adequate and a lot of the things I read about on here, like the bishop specially meeting with each young person being confirmed, or someone asking why I chose a particular saint, just didn’t happen. There were so many kids being confirmed back in my day that the Bishop would have needed a week to speak with every one of them personally. I did get a nice leather-bound encyclopedia of saints from my parents as a Confirmation gift, which I read and enjoyed and still have.


Well given that is when you were saved, washed free of sin and met Jesus for the first time its far more important isnt it?

It is very important, yes, but I view Confirmation as the “end of the beginning” if that makes sense. The day I fully enter the Catholic church will be the end of the beginning. I’d like to celebrate all of it - the baptism, the first Communion, the first confession, and Confirmation on the day of my actual Confirmation.

I was baptized, confirmed, and received my First Holy Communion, 31 May 2009, which was on Pentecost Sunday. That’s a day the whole Church celebrates.

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I know I was baptized in April of 1954 and I was received into the Catholic church on
July 15, 2008 and I do celebrate that date every year. This year will be special as it will
be my 10 year anniversary of being Catholic!

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