Does anyone else do stupid things like this?


Last night I had to get up at 4:30 and rock the baby back to sleep. I went to the bathroom first–and when I came back out of baby’s room, I realized that I had left the bathroom sink on and it had backed up and overflowed! The bathroom floor was completely soaked and so were about three feet of my carpet going into the hallway and my room!
I am flaky from time to time but usually not that bad!


Yep! Yesterday I left the kettle on, and went out shopping. I remembered halfway to the store, and came home just in time to turn it off before it boiled dry. I’m so glad I remembered and didn’t burn the house down!


Yes, I’ve done stuff like that, too. Right now I can remember fixing oatmeal for my DS for breakfast one morning and it was too hot so I put it in the freezer. I found it the next morning when I made him oatmeal that day. My kids eat a lot at breakfast so he forgot about it too.

I don’t know how old your baby is but I tend to do stuff like this when I’m not sleeping enough - when my babies were younger and waking up multiple times at night. :yawn:


I can top you all. I was making hot cereal and I went to school and came home and the pan was burnt out and the kitchen smelled like smoke. :frowning: I wanted breakfast and I totally forgot.


I think many of us suffer from short-term memory loss. :slight_smile:


:yup: It’s called mommy-brain. It’s from years of lack of sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah…
These are just 2 out of many stupid things I’ve done when pregnant or nursing:
One time I was boiling the baby’s pacifier to sterilize it.Forgot completely about it until the smoke detector went off! The stench was horrible;I was bawling and had to take the pan outside to cool off before I threw it away.
Another time,I was boiling a huge pot of eggs for Easter.Forgot all about it until I heard a “pop…pop” sound and discovered that I had once again left something on the stove to melt or explode.

I can laugh about it today but not back then!


DS was 6 weeks old, I could not hear the call on my cell phone so I stepped out onto the front porch. The door shut behind me and locked. I panicked, and almost punched the glass out…realizing in time that the screen was on the top part of the door. I punched that out and opened the door. I didn’t need to do that either…the landlord was standing out front and he had the keys.:doh2:


I can honestly say that I have never done anything like this – AT HOME. However, at work I have done stupid things like that. :rolleyes: Either from getting interrupted by a customer, the boss, or when I just have wayyyyy too much going on for 8 hours and trying to get one project done before lunch before starting another. I’m a meatcutter and we often get interrupted by customers asking for special requests or for whole cases of meat etc (I’m currently working at Sam’s Club where we often deal with other business owners and they’re usually good about calling their orders in beforehand, but a lot of times not). This is bad especially when we’re out working on the floor and I’m refilling the chicken case or whatever… I have almost forgot three or four cases of chickens out on the floor before I went to break. :eek: I always do a double check of the floor and everything before I take my breaks, lunches, etc.


hahahaha :thumbsup:


Brain freeze in my case (temp was 30 below this morning without any wind chill.)

I once went grocery shopping, went throught the checkout -was going to drive up to get my stuff. Got home and no groceries. (I was working night shift at the time and hadn’t slept, but…:banghead:


Thanks all. I feel a little better about my brain-lapse.
I put a fan on the floor for like a day and a half and it dried nicely. I was kind of surprised since it had been really, really wet!


You know, here in Korea all bathrooms have drains in the tiled floors, so floods and spills are instantly cleaned up. On the other hand, people tend to shower directly onto the floor, so the floor is always wet. And they always accidentally spray the toilet paper. :rolleyes:


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