Does anyone else do this??

So I really enjoy secular music (not the heavy rock or R&B that is obviously pushes sex or drugs), but the top 40’s type stuff. However, so much of it is about love, and failed relationships, and getting someone to love you no matter what. I just think that there is so much more to life than love relationships and WAY too much focus is put on finding/getting/keeping the opposite sex.

SO, when I hear a song and listen to the words, I put it in the context that God is singing it to me, or that I am singing it to God. I make sure and tell my kids this too, such as “Oh I like this song, this is how I feel about God” or “this is how I feel about Jesus”, or even “I think God wrote this for you and me, through using the artist”. It is nice how good it makes you feel to be constantly reminded of how much God loves you by listening to a song!!!

Anyway, am I weird or does anyone else do this?:o

Do you ever listen to the Busted Halo radio program? They have “Faith in Culture Thursday” where listeners call in with favorite secular songs that have a more spiritual connotation to them :slight_smile: So, you’re certainly not all alone in this area, I think!

No, I had never heard of Busted Halo. Thanks for the info!! I just looked it up on line and it looks like you can only get it on sirius or xm radio - is that true? I would love to listed to it on-line - I don’t have satelite radio.

You can listen to podcasts of the show here:

These little bits of the show are free.

Unfortunately, I think you do have to pay for the service if you want to listen to the whole show live…I am paying $12.99 per month right now, and it has really helped my evening commute :smiley:

Even the top 40 songs commonly involve topics such as drugs, sex, and violence. Anyhow. I don’t apply Christian context to secular music. I’d just rather listen to sacred music, and I would listen to secular music so long as to the best of my knowledge it doesn’t confilict with my faith.


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