Does anyone else experience this?

I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way. In my past-life I would use a lot of curse words and now I don’t. But now when I hear any curse words it bothers me and go why do they say that ( kinda sound like a hypocrite lol because I was like that) .

Funny how it works when you live in sin its blinds you but when you change even the smallest sin bothers you…

So does this happen to other too or just me?

I have seen this with ex-smokers too. Once they stop, EVERYONE must stop! It is common. I worked in construction for many years, and I’m certainly used to hearing cursing and foul language (once or twice I even heard it coming from myself :o), but it still bothers me when I hear it so often in the movies, and how common it can be even at family gatherings. But as they say, none so fervent as a convert

I’m like this too. Especially with using God’s name in vain, and if that person is a Catholic or a Christian. If the person is a non believer it doesn’t bother me as much. But it’s hard because we’re living in a sinful world.

You’re not alone.

I feel the same. Not just about the actual words but also about euphemisms which to me is a way of cursing or taking God’s name in vain and justifying it. I have to get over it as it is prevalent even on CAF. The only way to avoid it would be if I joined a cloistered order of nuns without a vocation. If I doubt a word, I check the origins of the words, so I will only use the word darn to describe mending holes in clothes.

I’m glad I’m not alone haha Thanks everyone!

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