Does anyone else feel under attack in the upcoming election?

I wanted to title this “Has Satan already won the U.S. election?” but it felt too provocative. I’ll be honest, I feel as though there is no morally acceptable choice in the presidential election, nor do I find many of my state and local candidates acceptable. This is made more difficult by my parish priests having been co-opted by one of the political parties. I think Satan is laughing at American voters - in particular American Catholics - and gleefully looking forward to the destruction that will be wrought regardless of the election’s outcome.

Wasn’t one of the messages of fatima that America will face a tremendous chastening? Does anyone doubt this time is at hand?

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If you mean “under attack by my fellow Catholics who won’t stop harping on the election” then yes.

Otherwise, not any more than normal.


Not really.

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Pretty sure that was about Russia spreading its errors , nothing about America specifically being tremendously chastened.

Australians have to vote, its compulsory. We never have acceptably moral Catholic/christian/atheist politicians running for PM, we just had several local council elections this weekend, compulsory voting by mail (covid lockdowns and all) I voided my vote with a protest and wrote on it I was not voting for any of these because they all supported anti catholic activities. It wont be thrown out, thats illegal, all the voided votes will be examined so I still get my voice and say. I think we have to demand a politician that stands up for what we believe morally.

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I feel attacked when I come across memes and posts to the effect that “Christians are jerks” or “get off my friends list of you plan to vote for X”.

But in day to day life, no.

(Although I do have a co-worker who has this trick where she talks about politics to her like minded friends, which is forbidden at work, only she does it from another room. She’s just loud enough so everyone hears her, but it’s a “private” enough area so she has deniability).

That’s annoying.


Pick up history books. Watch history documentaries. I promise this country has been through much worse and somehow come out alive on the other side. Just submit the @#$% ballot, say a Hail Mary, and move on with your lives.


Well I live in NY and I’m scared to tell anyone I’d vote for Trump, I feel like someone will beat me and my family up or try to burn my house down.
One neighbor has a Biden sign up and I think she feels pretty safe. Oh and the other day I saw what looked like an older teenager riding a bike with a trump sign on it and people in a white van shouting obscenities at him. I really felt bad for him when he got to the red light, I heard him say “oh great!”, pretty sure he felt attacked and I felt attacked just watching that scene.
Yeah I feel emotionally attacked sometimes.


I never put up signs for anything. I don’t care whether it’s Trump, Biden, Clinton, Obama, McCain, George Floyd, etc. There is no need for me to advertise who I’m supporting. It’s my business.


Reading this forum, I would have thought the exact opposite.

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Not sure I understand, i haven’t been here in a bit.

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She’s from Australia and mostly only sees rabid Trump supporters on here.

It ain’t like that in real life.


oh ok thanks, oh yeah most definitely not.


Same here. We have only put up a couple of signs in the past for a very local city election, of people we personally knew and supported.


I’ve never heard of anyone getting violently attacked or their house getting burned down based on support for Trump or any other candidate. Obscenities are unfortunate, but I’m one to brush those off. Those are the problem of nutjobs, not me.

I haven’t even gone that far. I’d love the experience of having a candidate I believed in . . .

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oh my! Several attacks in NY are taking place with Trump supporters. It’s in several areas of the news here in ny


From what I’m reading, those fights work both ways.

Also, these fights are at protests. Putting a sign in your yard is not the same thing as showing up at a crowded, volatile protest.

Trump supporters aren’t the helpless victims.


poor guy on the bike was though, he wasn’t protesting


Yup. I think there’s a temptation to make every election a life or death struggle, and it usually just isn’t. I’m not saying it doesn’t matter, but it’s not like the sun will explode one way or another.

Just to put my cards on the table, I loathe Donald Trump. I think he’s possibly the most embarrassing oaf to ever hold national office. Having said that, if he wins another term, life will go on. I’m not going to herd my family into a bunker or flee to Canada. It won’t be catastrophic.


Obscenities shouted for a car are not the same thing as - how did you word it? - “someone will be me and my family up or try to burn my house down.”

On a daily basis, I get to see obscenities from cars flying flags with: "TRUMP 2020: F#% YOUR FEELINGS!" On a personal level, I've been called a @#% snowflake and worse.

I’m also not going to paint myself as a martyr and victim. The country is divisive. We can certainly rise above it as Catholics, but playing the victim only fans those flames.

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From 2000. Still relevant.

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