Does anyone else find this disturbing?

Is it just me… or is this make you guys uneasy too?

Can you give a us a hint before you ask us to click on a blind link to something “Disturbing” which will make us “uneasy”?

Is it a picture of a dead guy? A woman in her underwear? Footage from 9-11?


Makes me feel sad that people are conned by this guy.

Sorry… i guess its kinda hard to copy/paste on a droid.

It’s about Benny Hinn.

I didn’t see the vid, no need to. Benny Hinn makes me feel uneasy.

…It’s the hair…

Fulton J. Sheen had good hair. :thumbsup:

I just guess you have no experience with Southern Protestant Revival style preaching!!!
This guy is no better nor worse than any of the traveling “Tent” Preachers you can see and hear at Revivals in the Southern USA.
What makes this one rather obnoxious is that he lures Latinos from the embrace of the True Church. Of Course, he will have to answer to the Lord for this when he dies.
However he is nothing special, and nothing to worry about.

Actually … funny you should mention this, as I am a convert from Pentecostalism, but I had never seen anything like this from my old church, this is just frightening!:eek:

Neither did i: your statement that it`s about Benny Hinn was enough! :eek:

As far as im concerned, hes a fraud. Money - lots of it! Theres an appeal to material greed: telling people that if they donate to his cause, theyll get back three times as much! Guaranteed, because “the Spirit” told Pastor Benny (or one of the other “men of God”) so!
That leaves Blue Chip investment for dead! :smiley:

(This happened in Sydney a few years ago: i was there as a hostile observer. Came away even more hostile.)

"Roll up! Roll up! Get the deal of a lifetime!"

Counterfeit Christianity: American style.

Basic hypnotism. Whether he knows it or not, this man is definitely a fraud. Hopefully some good will come in the forms of converts to christianity who will delve deeper and find true christianity without all the bells and whistles of being “slain in the spirit”.

Far worse.

Your friend

Any time I see videos like that it reminds me of the movie Leap of Faith, where Steve Martin plays the traveling preacher. Where he swindles a town out of there money with false works of God.

Last time I commented on Benny Hinn I got an infraction. :o


Benny Hinn is generally considered outside the mainstream of Evangelical Christianity. He also has several unorthodox beliefs. Or shall I say heretical.

Hopefully this does not get an infraction, I don’t see why it would.

Thank you, FabiusMaximus-that is probably the most accurate assessment of Mr. Hinn that I’ve ever seen!

Sounds like Huckleberry Finn.

He violates the First Commandment: worshipping money.

“…a severe stutter…” Certainly not evident now! :smiley:

“…with a focus on financial prosperity.” His own.
At the circus performance i attended (Post # 9), the “man of God” who spoke for well over 2 hours about money, on Pastor Benny`s behalf, took a swipe at folks who take vows of poverty. Confounded hide! Saint Francis of Assisi and his heroic fellows need not apply for membership of this crowd! Do Benny and the other “health and wealth” “preachers” even believe in Heaven?

Look at all those actors!

How much do you think they paid them?

Possibly more mainstream; but I find this disturbing too, and for many of the same reasons as Benny Hinn.

If you think it’s all business, not about religion, this may convince you otherwise:

I see it as the logical next step to Fundamentalism. Certainly it’s chasing the money.

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