Does anyone else have an attraction to a celibate life - giving yourself exclusively to God?


I wonder if there is anyone who has this attraction to celibacy? - and if so how did it come about?
I find it very mysterious and beautiful,not sure if I am called to it though



however I don’t necessarily feel called to traditional religious life. so I am msitll trying to figure out what to do with myself


God’s plan for me was celibacy, whether I walked with Him or rejected Him. I did not knowingly chose to be single, even though I did turn down a couple of really nice men because they just weren’t the right one. It was only as part of discerning the gifts of the Holy Spirit that I began to understand that celibacy is a gift, different to, but as beautiful as marriage. I can honestly say that I am content and happy. The discernment process confirmed (yet again) that God specifically wanted me in one parish and that is where I am and will remain, unless He says otherwise. :slight_smile:


I did when I first converted to the faith. But I discerned past that and found my calling to be to the married state.
I do desire it from time to time, but that is only when I grow weary from trying to find the right person :stuck_out_tongue: Dating sucks. Celibacy would be so much easier for me, but alas, its not my call.

You might be called to a celibate life however. A calling usually starts with an attraction. Try talking to a wise priest about this desire of your heart.
You will be in my prayers. The church needs men/women to embrace that calling, for the sake of the kingdom.


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