Does anyone else struggle with guilt?

i sometimes feel like even after confession, i’m still sinning but not making up ifn it’s possible. like not making restitution.

does restitution have to include disclosing the fact that you sinned? do you sitll have to say it even if it won’t change anything? like if you told a lie to someone that wasn’t too serious and didn’t make much difference in their life. if if you were dishonest on a test in the distant past, would you need to reveal it? nothing will change really except the other person knowing.

of course, i know a lot of things can’t be undone. i just struggle with this a lot, i’m afraid of not doing enough to make up for my faults even though i know i can’t really make up for it since christ is the only one who can really do that.

You might schedule an appointment with your priest to discuss this. As far as making restitution, don’t worry about it unless it’s something really major. Like if you told a big lie that cost someone else something. Or if you stole something. Otherwise, I don’t see the point. If you tell someone you’re not feeling well when they call to say they want to come over or go out with you when the truth is you just don’t want to go out or see anyone at the moment, that isn’t something big. But, when possible, tell the truth. But not to the point of hurting someone else.

I am sure we all struggle with guilt since we are all sinners. I would be more concerned about someone who never felt guilty.

I think some sense of guilt is healthy for us, as it keeps us from repeating some sins again. Guilt can be obsessive however, and that is not good and a whole other issue. But, as long as you have confessed your sins, and have done the penance suggested by the Priest you should know that you are forgiven and “go in peace.”

Now, you could also make a choice to carry out silent acts of kindness that you offer to God as further atonement for a particular sin. For example: Say you did lie about some small matter and someone did get their feelings hurt as a result. You have confessed and been forgiven, but it is something you continue to feel bad about. Why not make it a point to at least once a week, compliment a friend or co-worker or even a passing stranger…by telling them you thought they did a good job, or their hair looks nice or their dress or shoes are nice. No need to go goofy off the wall, but simple little compliments can help others feel good, and you will feel better too.

All of us can: Listen Longer, Compliment More, Complain Less, Share More, Forgive More and be Kinder. Everyday we can make small offerings of Good for the welfare of others. :slight_smile:

Have you looked into getting a Spiritual Advisor? Praying for you.

For me it depends on what I’ve done. If the sin is only between me and God, I feel no guilt after confessing the sins. I do remember the sadness I felt for disobeying him though. If the sin is against another person and recent, I try to do something about it regardless of what the priest gives to me as my penance. For example, if I had stolen something, I would want to give it back or pay back the equivalent value. Preferably I would have already done this before confession though.

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