does anyone else think that L.Ron Hubbard was anti-christic?


I always though Scientology was a load of ****, but is it and it’s creator anti-Christ like?

  1. They teach at an early level that Christ and god were basically mass hallucination’s.

  2. Some ex-Scientologists(Steven Fishman, he may have been off about OTVIII, though he was proven correct over OTs I - VII) have said that they are actually satanists at the highest levels of the religion, OT VIII. And that obtaining OT VIII allows one to “kill with a thought”(and by Kill I mean physically Murder someone by thinking about it though the use of demons)

I’m not going to go so far and say it is “the beast” but to me it’s a very Anti-Christ like organization…


Sure, I’ll buy that L. Ron Hubbard was a very minor sort of Antichrist. But the whole thing is such a joke that I wouldn’t get too worked up about it.



How dare you deny the R6 implant, Xenu will get you for this Edwin.

You need to go get cleared.
I wouldn’t get too worked about it either as I am pretty sure many people in Scientology don’t really believe it all either. I cannot imagine how they do.



yes, and a very bad science fiction writer


I liked Battlefield Earth.


I thought it was quite ridiculous. And this was the book–I never saw the movie.



I like the book too. Contarinimpkinpoop can go take a long walk on a short pier…:smiley:


L. Ron Hubbard was a follower of the satanist Aliester Crowley.


I liked the first half of the book quite a bit. It went downhill quick and I did not finish it.


So Steven Fishman is right?

here is his point of view:

What makes it valid is that L.Ron’s son supports Fishman and said that his father thought he was “I’ve got to complete this by saying that he thought of himself as the Beast 666 incarnate.”

P.S Thank god our Nicole Kidman got re-married in a Catholic Church.


Yes. L. Ron Hubbard was a satanist. Ever notice the cross used in scientology? It has an X in the middle. Such crosses are used in occultism.


I didn’t even know Scientology had an symbols like that.

and he actually thought he was the anti-christ, according to his son.

As Christians we therefore need to keep our eyes on Scientology, both in terms of it’;s dangerousness to the mental and physical safety of others and secondly because it may be characteristic of “the beast and false prophet”.

It dresses itself up as a religion based on science and is in reality satanism, Protestant churches focus on Catholicism… when really, with us, they should be keeping their eye on that institution.


Contarini’s SF tastes are well formed. Hubbard was a quite adequate fantasy writer, in the UNKNOWN vein (SLAVES OF SLEEP, FEAR, TYPEWRITER IN THE SKY.




What most people don’t know about Ronnie, is that he never professed to believe anything he wrote. In fact, he was quoted as saying that “if a person could invent a religion, they could be the wealthiest man on earth.”

I think that says enough. It’s nothing more than a business, and the use of celebreties is genious.


All of these people who create religions will have to answer to God for thier actions. :frowning:

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