Does anyone Else use the Shorter Christian Prayer?

Is there a ‘cheat sheet’ that I could use to get off the ground? I see that there’s a 10 year old thread concerning something similar, but it was not that helpful.

There was another post about it but it was no help…

I tried it for a while but the Laudate app is much easier for me.

Iv used the app, but I am trying to dig back into books and not rely on the internet…That is why I bought the book.

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I also purchased the book and cannot figure it out. Someone tried to show me and he couldn’t find the appropriate Psalm. I have the Laudate app, but I like a book. I’m thinking of trying the Christian Prayer.
I did find this pdf guide - but it didn’t help me.

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This very detailed set of instructions is based on Shorter Christian Prayer. It is very comprehensive.


What is the Shorter Christian Prayer?

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From what I saw, it’s a prayer book for praying the Liturgy of the Hours (aka the Divine Office).

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We are heading into Advent this Sunday so I would begin there. It begins with Sunday Evening payer 1 (This is prayed on Saturday Evening, begin then. Evening 2 is on Sunday night):

Turn to page 578, Advent hymns are at the top left, pick one.
Turn to Page 37. Start with; (In the Psalmady this is shortened from pg 30);

God, Come to my assistance, Lord make haste to help me. Glory to the Father, and to the Son , and to the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever. Amen. Alleluia.
Ant 1. (Advent) Proclaim the Good News…
Begin Psalmady.;
First Psalm
Psalm Prayer.
Ant 2. (Advent) Know that the Lord…
Second Psalm
Psalm Prayer
Ant 3 (Advent) A Great Prophet will come…
Canticle (Phil 2:6-11)
Turn to pg 356. Reading
Ant. See The Lord…
Turn to back Cover and pray the Canticle of Mary.
Back to pg 357
(For Advent Only) Repeat Ant. See the Lord…
Turn to pg 32 pick and “invitation” (Bottom of page) I generally use pg 33 "Remember us Lord when you come into your kingdom and teach us how to pray.
The Lords Prayer.
Concluding Prayer.
Conclusion pg 34 “May the Lord Bless us, Protect us from all evil…”

For Advent. Proceed through the psalmady Starting at week 1 til Dec 24. Week 2 is pg 111, week 3 187, week 4 pg 257.
Pgs 356-378 are the weekly readings for Advent. Each Saturday turn back to pg 356 and begin the same readings over again For the week. This only applies for Advent and is a good introduction to the Shorter Prayer.

Morning, Evening and Night prayer all follow the same formula.
Night Prayer begins with Night prayer 1 (Saturday night) beginning on pg 330, through Friday ending on pg 251. Night Prayer ends with an Antiphon to the BVM pgs 352-353, pick one.

If you wish to begin the day with the Invitiatory it begins:
“Lord open my lips and my mouth will declare thy praise.”
Advent pg 19 for Ant.
Invitiatory Psalm pg 22.

For Advent and Lent through Easter season, if you are feeling comfortable. the Antiphons are repeated after Each psalm. So Ant1, psalm, Ant 1, Ant 2 Psalm Ant 2, Ant 3, Psalm, Ant 3. That’s the normative in the LOTH.

Bump this post again when we get near the 24th and I’ll make the guide for Christmas week. Then Bump again for Ordinary Time.

Peace and God Bless

P.S. Almost forgot, when you do the Morning Prayer, instead of the “Canticle of Mary” it’s the “Canticle of Zechariah”, turn to the front cover for that canticle.


That’s correct. It’s an abbreviated version It doesn’t include the office hour. Antonyms are said only once. Doesn’t include the full Advent, Ordinary or Easter seasons that the LOTH does.

Peace and God Bless


@jvickers, @Nicene

Thank you both. :slight_smile:

There’s also a related thread here:


Thank you :slight_smile:

See that’s what I would need somebody to put in plain clear writing step by step day by day where to go and what to do. I have the guide even with that I got lost and confused. That’s why I do the Laudate app.

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I’ve never been more excited to see a glossary! Thank you!


:joy: leave it to the Lay Dominicans! It’s about as long as the Summa, too. :grimacing:

This page should help if you have the Christian Prayer book or the 4-volume LOTH:

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