Does anyone find the amount of skin exposed in the Olympics, troublesome?

I mean, couldn’t the Gabby gal and her competitors at least wear full-legged spandex? Runners have halter-top-like outfits and the beach volleyball players are nearly nude! Some “new faithful” might say just guard your heart and be tight with God, but that is just ignorant. They need to escape their devoted-bubble and see how things are. Besides, most don’t do that anymore and I don’t think even the most faithful, especially of men, can resist. St Francis was the holiest of saints, I’d bet, but he was not comfortable just going over to visit the nuns of who would be known as St. Clare and had to be convinced by his closest. How are we more immune in the presence of women wearing less or seeing them as such on tv?


I’m reminded of a story told in some forum. It might have involved a monastic individual; the name escapes me. But, the essence is basically while others were closing their eyes on the passing of a nude lady, the individual in question saw her for the beauty she was, as created by God. I think, we as God’s children should strive to reach that point, in terms of that kind of consciousness… JMHO.

Certain sports require flexibility that you can’t get in certain outfits. Gymnastics really does need a leotard (no worse than a bathing suit). I do think beach volley ball could be played in one piece suits as easily as a bikini, but I don’t have a severe problem with it. There is a time and place for everything.

Actually, the other night I was thinking that they were showing less skin than in years past.

“The Gabby gal”? Try Gabby Douglas…it’s a little more respectful to call someone by their actual name. Next, even if they wore full leg costumes, someone would still carry on about that. Turn the TV off if it’s a near occasion of sin for you. I almost had to change the channel when the men’s swim team was shown warming up prior to their race and I’m an old lady. It’s not just women in form fitting athletic wear at the Olympics and not just men that are visual beings.


Also, Gabby Douglas competed with sleeves. It was literally just her legs showing. She’s actually very Christian too…

I do think they could cover up more…but you gotta put it in perspective. Many of the sports, to be “olympic” in performance level, do require maximum flexibility. Though, If my daughter, for example, were in any similar sport…she’d be more covered than that. And if it affected her performance, oh well…she’d better find other activities to excel in. :wink:

The volleyball is the worst. I do find it troublesome, and frustrating as a guy.

I think Beach Volleyball is the only one I would really question the need of the current attire. A bikini seems hardly necessary to play your best.

That being said. I was a competitive swimmer. The wrong bathing suit can add a pile of time (the old-fashioned 1950s things just wouldn’t be as fast). Luckily, they do have the “new” suits that cover the body pretty well.

I seriously doubt than any normal male who is out of adolescence and has overcome the “raging hormones” associated with growing up, is “turned on” by the nubile beauties of the olympics. Anyone who is, should be condemned as a “dirty old man”-even though they may be only in their twenties.
If not for moral issues, for the fact that these girls are under the age of consent-in contemporary parlance, "jail bait’.

I agree about the volleyball players in bikinis. Just not really necessary. As for the swimmers, they are more modest than most I see at the pool these days! The skimpy outfits reflect our current secular society. I really dislike seeing Serena Williams cleavage bouncing around on the tennis court, though. And, yes, I do turn the channel alot. DVR helps when watching the olympics. I can fast forward thru some stuff.:smiley:

The only one that I think could cover up a little more are the beach volleyball players. Lots of the players don’t wear the bikini anymore, for example, our U.S. players wear the bikini bottoms but a long sleeved top. Other teams wear knee length and long sleeve spandex. So I don’t really think the bikini is needed. But it doesn’t bother me that much.

I love watching beach volleyball and our players are awesome.

Much ado about nothing.

While a few uniforms leave some questions on practicality, such as the volleyball uniforms, most have changed in the positive. Racing swimsuits are obviously more refined for speed but have improved the support as well. Gymnastics hasn’t changed. Track and field has also changed little, although some ladies prefer a bare midriff (and if I’m running so fast and generating so much heat, I might, too).

The International Olympic Committee keeps a sense of decorum more than some places because of the volume of international customs that could conflict and damage the reason they are there, to compete.

**I have no problem with how the Olympians are dressed. I actually marvel at how most of us could look if we too took that kind of care with how we treated our bodies. The human body is truly a God given beautiful machine, and the majority of us treat it badly and throw it back in God’s face.

I don’t look at these athletes bodies with anything other than true amazement. These aren’t at all the cheap in your face “sexy bodies” you see on TV and in movies.

And goodness, today I saw two of the Middle Eastern women in two of the track events. They were covered head to toe, and you could just see their bodies didn’t have that same freedom of movement. I guess there was a reason the original Olympics were done naked ! **

I was glad that the rules for the required uniform for the beach volleyball players has been modified to permit more coverage, but upon further consideration…

The more coverage they have, the more sand gets trapped in between! Ouch.
I suppose they could wear loose fitting shorts and tanks like the guys though.

It’s silly not to acknowlege the skin to ratings ratio.

Well, considering that the first Olympics were all played in the nude, I guess the current uniforms aren’t so bad.

So far the only ones that make me raise my eyebrows are the beach volleyball uniforms. I too would like to see less of Ms. Williams’ cleavage. For all the other events I totally understand that they need to be aerodynamic and allow for freedom of movement.

Gabby girl? Seriously? Way to marginalize someone…

I agree, Since they were playing at night and it was cold (in the 50’s) is why they were in long sleeves. Some of the other team were more covered due to the temperature.
Actually, I think the swimmer’s outfits have become more conservative to be aerodynamic in the water.

Yeah, the swimsuits are called fastskins and they are more than just material. They have some sort of design with that material that makes them fast.

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