Does anyone has a vocation God has given to one?


Does anyone has a vocation that God has given to one? If so, why do we have freedom to choose our path throughout our life?

If each of us does has vocation planned by God, does it mean we will definitely follow His Planned Vocation in our life in God’s hands?

What is the consequence if we don’t follow His planned vocation?

I asked these because I still cannot confirm what my vocation is… :o

There is an article below the video that should help.:slight_smile:


God allows us to do what we wish. Its free will.


If so, what is the meaning to identify our vocation and to follow it? :o


We are free to choose our vocation or direction is life. I think we often come to points in life that are like a fork in the road. At these points we should take time to consider what God may be inviting or asking us to do. We would do better in making our choices this way, and consequently be more likely to recognize what path He wants us to take.

Still, we are free to choose. What we don’t know is what lay ahead for each choice. God can continue to work out our salvation and that of others despite the path we take. Each path will have it’s own challenges, suffering and difficulties. It is what we do with these that really matters.

Now sometimes God does in fact “shut a door in our face.” For example: the company we work for undergoes a merger and as a result we get laid off. Bang, there goes that door. Here is a chance to re-evaluate out place with God and figure out what we might do next. Anyway, that is how it seems to work out for me. I don’t always get it right, but I still land up doing what He really wants me to do, maybe just not in the way originally intended.


My vocations sort of fell into my lap. Just before things ended between my ex-husband and me, we learned I was pregnant. This did not stop him from leaving me for another woman, so the vocation of single mother fell into my lap as a gift from heaven, you might say.

And my beautiful son was diagnosed with autism at three and a half, so special needs parent was another vocation that chose me.

While these vocations in life might not have been the ones I would have chosen freely at the time, God knows best, and I have been blessed many times over, much more than I ever deserved. And I wouldn’t change a thing. :extrahappy:


you mean being a single parent is a vocation? :confused:

or maybe marriage was not your vocation planned by God, so you experience many difficulties now? how do you know this is your “vocation” ?


Did read the link I gave? I think it would really help you.
It’s below the video.


Vocations are part of human life. At every stage we are doing something different. For example there are times when we are called to be in school and study certain areas so God can prepare us for his calling. For instance, I know someone who felt she was being called into nursing, so she did one year of nursing, she failed the second semester so she studied literature. Once she was completed that, she was considering seminary but she wasn’t spiritually ready so she did a degree in public policy and creative writing, then did a certificate in pastoral ministry, and is just finishing a MA in Theology. During this time, God has sent her into various denominations including the Pentecostal, Baptist and Catholic, where she learned a great deal about her faith. Now as she is finishing her MA, she is specializing in Catholic and Pentecostal dialogue and is hoping to enter seminary in the winter 2015. At every stage she was following God’s path for her life because there were people who she needed to learn from and others who needed to learn from her.

We are constantly living our vocations and trying to live a life of obediance and servanthood which isn’t easy but step by step, God opens the doors to our lives.


If she is catholic how, is she entering seminary?:confused:


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